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The future of dentistry is unconventional
August 8, 2018 -- Up until now, dentistry has been conventional, writes periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg. However, he wonders if dentistry will be different in the future. In his latest column, Dr. Danenberg discusses how the conventional way of doing things may begin to embrace current unconventional ideas.  Discuss
CDA Foundation to offer Calif. wildfire relief grants
August 8, 2018 -- The California Dental Association (CDA) Foundation has established a disaster relief grant for dental professionals affected by the wildfires in California.  Discuss
Independent contractor or employee: What's the difference?
August 7, 2018 -- It's a vexing question for practice owners: Is the new dentist joining your practice an independent contractor or an employee? The question isn't an academic one, as getting it wrong can result in severe financial penalties. William Barrett and Casey Gocel of the law firm Mandelbaum Salsburg illustrate the differences.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for understanding your overhead
August 6, 2018 -- Rent, insurance, and inventory may not be first on your list of concerns, but overhead is a key factor in any business, and dentistry is no exception. Dentists need to understand the different categories of overhead, how to assess and track them, and when and how to make adjustments, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip. Only then will they be better able to create a successful financial model for their practices.  Discuss
Cost, urgency drive older African-American patients' care decisions
August 1, 2018 -- Cost and perceived urgency of treatment are the two primary reasons older African-American patients decide to seek, or not seek, dental care, according to new research presented at the 2018 International Association of Dental Research (IADR) meeting in London.  Discuss
AI is poised to upgrade dentistry
August 1, 2018 -- Leaders from top dental companies came together to discuss the future of dentistry at the 2018 Sikka Healthcare Marketplace Partner Summit on July 27. Sikka Software Chairman and CEO Vijay Sikka detailed how artificial intelligence (AI) may upgrade the dental experience.  Discuss
U.S. government commissions new report on oral health
August 1, 2018 -- The U.S. government has commissioned a new surgeon general's report on oral health. The new report will be the first update since the original, landmark report was published in 2000.  Discuss
Heartland adds 8 new practices
August 1, 2018 -- Heartland Dental has added new practices in six U.S. states.  Discuss
Not using direct mail marketing? Here are 5 reasons you should
July 31, 2018 -- Sometimes thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing means looking at methods your competition has forgotten about. As practice management consultant Sally McKenzie writes, direct mail is pretty old-school. But in this day of email and digital marketing, she offers five reasons why it can still be effective for your practice  Discuss
ADHA, advocacy groups call for Medicare dental benefits
July 30, 2018 -- Multiple oral health advocacy organizations and the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) are calling for the U.S. government to add dental benefits to Medicare. The latest movement started after Oral Health America published a white paper in support of the concept.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
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