Practice Management
New product: Digital workflow for dentures released
November 29, 2018 -- Ivory Digital Denture has announced that its digital workflow system is now available in the U.S., Canada, and throughout the world.
How did I contract multiple myeloma?
November 28, 2018 -- Dr. Alvin Danenberg announced to his blog readers in September that he'd been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. In this column, he raises questions every dental team member should ask themselves about the health risks they may face while serving their patients and their community.  Discuss
New product: Amazon debuts medical language processing service
November 28, 2018 -- Amazon has launched Amazon Comprehend Medical, a machine-learning service that can identify patient information from medical text, such as notes, transcripts, radiology reports, and more.
Do's and don'ts for being a good listener
November 26, 2018 -- Listening is a difficult skill to master, especially in a busy practice. Listening involves more than just hearing what patients or fellow team members are saying, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin. You also need to be aware of why they're saying it -- and be able to "hear" what they're not saying.  Discuss
Survey: Most U.S. dentists support adding dental to Medicare
November 21, 2018 -- A majority of respondents to a survey of 20,000 U.S. dentists support adding dental coverage to Medicare, according to research from the ADA's Health Policy Institute and Oral Health America. The survey findings were presented at the recent American Public Health Association annual meeting.  Discuss
Dental Care Alliance adds 13 Texas practices
November 21, 2018 -- Dental support organization Dental Care Alliance has added 13 new affiliated offices in Texas.  Discuss
How do you get low-income smokers to go to the dentist?
November 20, 2018 -- Smokers have an increased risk of oral disease but use dental healthcare at lower rates than nonsmokers, so researchers sought to understand the factors affecting dental care use in low-income smokers. They found that the issues involved went beyond cost to characteristics such as motivation and self-efficacy.  Discuss
Coding case study: Midyear changes can impact your reimbursement
November 19, 2018 -- If your practice accepts insurance, you've probably been faced with a situation in which the provider implements contractual changes. And sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, you find yourself unprepared for the effect of this change to your reimbursement projections. Dental benefits analyst Cindy Hartwell with the California Dental Association's CDA Practice Support illustrates a case study of one such occurrence.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for retaining patients
November 19, 2018 -- Many practices today find it challenging to retain patients in the face of competition, changing insurance plans, and the effects of the internet. Because of this, it's imperative that practices employ effective strategies to retain patients so that their patient base remains strong and they always have a healthy influx of new patients, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
6 tips for when your decision-making process is stressed
November 16, 2018 -- Research shows that stress can negatively affect your decision-making process, writes practice management consultant Jen Butler. So what can you do when faced with both stress and the need to make crucial decisions about your practice? Butler offers 6 tips to help.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!