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What do you need to know about teledentistry? Part 2
April 12, 2018 -- While teledentistry can play a key role in reducing access-to-care issues, it also has real potential is in the private practice sector, writes Dr. Marty Jablow. In the second part of this series, he examines six scenarios in which teledentistry may play a growing role sooner than you think.  Discuss
New data break down dentist stats by state, specialty
April 10, 2018 -- General dentists are once again the most common type of dentists, according to newly published data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The data break down dentist statistics by gender, specialty, and state.  Discuss
Cancellations and no-shows: A fee will not fix the problem
April 10, 2018 -- Every practice is faced with the issues of patient cancellations and no-shows. Many practices charge patients a fee when they don't show for their appointments, but Laura Hatch, founder of Front Office Rocks, has a different strategy that may lead to better communication with your patients and a fuller schedule.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for improving your practice: Upgrade your practice performance
April 9, 2018 -- All dental practices have room for improvement. If you're not steadily experiencing growth, you can take steps to upgrade your practice, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin. Do you have a practice vision, targets, and goals? Taking the time to examine every aspect of your practice and creating a vison with clear goals and targets can take your practice to new heights.  Discuss
Kaiser: 10K more dentists needed for U.S. shortage areas
April 9, 2018 -- The Kaiser Family Foundation has released the latest data on the number of areas in the U.S. and territories that are considered dental care health professional shortage areas. More than 5,800 such areas require over 10,800 additional dentists to address these care needs.  Discuss
How to overcome your patients' 4 most common fears
April 6, 2018 -- Dr. Scott Shamblott's practice focuses on patients with dental anxiety and phobias. Over time, he's been able to categorize these fears into four categories: fear of pain, fear of needles, fear of lectures, and fear of losing control. He offers practical, tested techniques to help you help your patients overcome these fears.  Discuss
Patterson Dental launches cloud practice management software
April 6, 2018 -- Patterson Dental has launched its new Fuse cloud-based practice management software.  Discuss
5 reasons you need job descriptions
April 5, 2018 -- When everyone knows their job responsibilities, it can make for a more efficient, better operating team, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie. She offers five practical reasons why taking the time to create and discuss job descriptions with your team will help your practice thrive.  Discuss
Heartland, Aspen, Pacific Dental top DSO list
April 4, 2018 -- has again compiled a list of the 10 largest dental service/support organizations (DSOs) in the U.S. The list features updated practice counts and a prominent DSO adding more than 100 offices in the past six months.  Discuss
What do you need to know about teledentistry? Part 1
April 3, 2018 -- Whether it be in a public health setting or a private practice environment, the main barriers to access to care are time, distance, efficiency, and cost. It is possible to overcome these barriers in an efficient, affordable, and secure manner by using the promising technology of teledentistry, writes Dr. Marty Jablow in the first of a two-part series.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!