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Everyone is expendable, but that's OK
January 10, 2020 -- We're all expendable, but that's OK, writes Dr. Teresa Yang. She shares her experiences of being a young dental practice owner and selling, later with regrets, and balancing motherhood and work. Dr. Yang ended up starting -- and selling -- another dental practice, but this time with no regrets.  Discuss
Dental assistant sues, says fired for shunning boss' advances
January 10, 2020 -- A dental assistant in Illinois has filed a lawsuit against her former employer and his dental practice, claiming she was subjected to racial jokes and was fired after refusing the dentist's sexual advances, according to news reports.  Discuss
Patient Pass launches HIPAA-complaint messaging system
January 10, 2020 -- Startup Patient Pass has launched a HIPAA-compliant messaging system that enables easy and efficient communication at medical and dental offices.
Reach your dental practice goals -- one step at a time
January 8, 2020 -- What are your practice goals for the new year? Goals can be valuable markers of progress, but achieving a goal isn't the sole measurement of success. Any incremental progress toward a goal also is significant and should be celebrated. Curtis Marshall of Dental Intelligence shares some tips on how to pace yourself to help reach your practice goals.
Gen Z is coming of age -- here's how to reach these patients
January 7, 2020 -- Move over Millennials -- Generation Z is here with its own set of cultural norms. These social media-savvy teenagers and young adults are poised to reshape how we learn and connect with each other, which may have some major implications for the dental office.  Discuss
Simple, high-impact communication tips to boost your practice
January 7, 2020 -- The most important aspect of communication today is not what you say to patients and insurance companies but how you say it, notes practice management consultant Lois Banta. She shares some simple yet high-impact tips for communicating with both your patients and insurance companies.  Discuss
Dentist sued, allegedly set girl's mouth on fire
January 6, 2020 -- The family of a 5-year-old girl filed a lawsuit on January 2 against a Las Vegas dentist, claiming he set the child's mouth on fire during a routine dental procedure that left her with injuries that may be permanent, according to news reports.  Discuss
Why training is critical for your practice in 2020
January 6, 2020 -- Creating a culture of learning and an empowered team will reduce your stress, increase the longevity of your team, and ultimately increase your patients' experiences in the practice, writes Dana Salisbury of management consulting firm Productive Dentist Academy. She explains why training for your practice is key and offers tips to determine what kind is right for your team.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for dental insurance: Make dental insurance work for you
January 6, 2020 -- Many of the larger dental insurance plans have so many customers that they can dictate reimbursements to dental practices with little to no pushback. This can be frustrating, but dental insurance is an integral part of how your practice delivers care, and practices must adopt new strategies and techniques to remain successful, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
The new decade's dental practice could look like this
January 3, 2020 -- Dentists one day may become vertically integrated to service the mouth and also design and manufacture the hardware needed in their own dental practices, writes information systems consultant Alon Ganon. He shares a vision of how dental practices could operate with advanced technology in this new decade.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!