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Admetec to launch camera, headlight for dental loupes

By staff writers

January 26, 2023 -- Admetec will launch the Flamingo, an integrated high-definition camera and headlight for dental loupes at the International Dental Show, which is occurring March 14-18, 2023, in Cologne, Germany.

The Flamingo is a lightweight tool that allows high-definition video to be streamed to laptops and screens via a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, screenshots can be taken and autosaved for real-time documentation. Flamingo's headlight is integrated with its camera; therefore, the light beam remains focused on what the user is filming. Flamingo's camera and light connect to Admetec's dual battery and control panel system via a single cable.

It will be featured at Admetec's booth in hall 11.1, stand F058 G059.

Admetec's Flamingo, an integrated camera and headlight for dental loupes. Image courtesy of Admetec.
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