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Patent suit between Sonendo's PIPStek, Biolase heats up

By Melissa Busch, associate editor

January 26, 2023 -- PIPStek, a subsidiary of Sonendo, developer of the GentleWave root canal disinfection system, filed a lawsuit against Biolase claiming that Biolase's laser violates two of its patents. Biolase calls the claims against its Waterlase laser "meritless."

In the suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, PIPStek asserts infringement of its U.S. patents Nos. 11,426,239 and 11,350,993 by Biolase's Waterlase, according to a Sonendo press release. Biolase claims the litigation is being used to save "Sonendo's diminished position and reputation in the marketplace," according to a Biolase press release dated January 25.

"Sonendo and PIPStek are committed to protecting our intellectual property and any future application of our intellectual property and investments in innovation," Bjarne Bergheim, Sonendo's president and CEO said in a press release. "We have not commercialized the PIPStek laser technologies because of our confidence that the GentleWave System is a better, more effective option for doctors and patients than laser-driven or traditional root canal disinfection."

Biolase stated in its press release that it licenses its technology to its partner manufacturers, but it does not license patents that are invalid or that do not cover its products. Biolase, which said it plans to fight the suit, believes Sonendo's claims significantly overlap conventional technologies long used by endodontists and do not represent innovations covered by patent protection, according to the release.

In related news, on January 10, Biolase announced that it is expected to gross about $9.75 million from an underwritten public offering of common stock with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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