What's in a domain name?
April 10, 2009 -- Choosing a domain name for your practice should be a simple decision that enhances your online presence. But choosing the wrong one can cost you.  Discuss
Confusion to ourselves ...
April 8, 2009 -- What's in a name? A lot, apparently, when it comes to what we should be calling cone-beam CT. In his latest Talking Pictures column, Dr. Allan Farman questions the rationale behind recent efforts to more precisely describe this imaging modality.  Discuss
Ask Marty: Is the Nomad handheld x-ray unit safe, and how easy is it to use?
April 6, 2009 -- A: We have been using a Nomad (Aribex) handheld x-ray unit in my office for a few years now. My staff loves it so much that we recently acquired the Nomad Pro as well.  Discuss
The dos and don'ts of e-mail marketing
March 30, 2009 -- Want to learn how to build relationships with hundreds, even thousands, of prospective patients -- at almost no cost? Read Richard Geller's latest Marketing Madness column.  Discuss
Staff raises? This year? Absolutely
March 27, 2009 -- Yes, we're in a recession. And for many of us, those empty chairs are causing some sleepless nights. But rather than tightening our belts, now is the time to invest -- in our dental teams.  Discuss
Georgia joins battle against teeth-whitening kiosks
March 25, 2009 -- Businesses that operate teeth-whitening kiosks run by nondentists in malls and other locations have been fighting legal battles across various states.  Discuss
Ask Marty: What are my choices for going digital with my panoramic system?
March 23, 2009 -- A: This same dilemma occurred in my office. You can stop taking panoramic radiographs, but that does not help if you need that type of radiograph on a routine basis. Some panoramic machines can be retrofitted to accept a digital sensor to capture the radiographs.  Discuss
My epiphany with Mrs. Z
March 19, 2009 -- Sometimes all any of us really need is someone who will take the time to listen. For Mrs. Z and her bothersome dentures, it was all about her cat.  Discuss
Are government-funded clinics the answer?
March 17, 2009 -- From the media to the ADA, there is a growing call to bring aid to underserved populations suffering from poor oral health. But so far no one has hit on the best way to provide real access to care, says Dr. Helaine Smith in The Mouth Physician.  Discuss
Ask Marty: I want to put computers in my operatories. Should I have a wired or wireless network?
March 16, 2009 -- A: Congratulations on wanting to computerize your operatories. This is the first step to implementing many cool features for you and your patients.