Can the ADA do more to educate the public?
October 21, 2008 -- Many patients don't understand the importance of oral health, and the ADA is not doing enough to educate the public, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her latest The Mouth Physician column. She argues that the organization could run more public service ads.  Discuss
Selection criteria: One size does not fit all
October 20, 2008 -- There is no such thing as a good photon -- trite but true. As dental professionals, we are the steward of our patient's exposure to dental diagnostic x-rays.  Discuss
Advertising to make money in today's recession
October 20, 2008 -- In his latest Marketing Madness column, Richard Geller notes that the natural impulse in tough times like these is to cut back on advertising. But this may be precisely the moment when you need to increase your advertising budget.  Discuss
Let kids eat Halloween candy
October 10, 2008 -- As Halloween approaches, Dr. Helaine Smith explains in her column, The Mouth Physician, why it's OK for kids to enjoy candy on this special holiday.  Discuss
Cheap postcards get high-end patients
October 10, 2008 -- In his latest Marketing Madness column, marketing expert Richard Geller discloses the five secrets of successful postcard direct mailing.  Discuss
Dedicated versus hybrid cone-beam CT: Two options emerge
October 9, 2008 -- X-ray imaging in dentistry is rapidly moving toward 3D, and it is time for general dentists to take note. The first FDA-approved cone-beam CT (CBCT) system was in the year 2000, but since that time many competitors have entered the marketplace.  Discuss
What the candidates' smiles say about their personalities
October 8, 2008 -- While watching the recent debates, Dr. Helaine Smith found herself analyzing the presidential candidates and their smiles and concluded that their smiles give clues into their personalities -- and possibly their governing style.  Discuss
Blame the dentist or the victim?
October 3, 2008 -- In her latest The Mouth Physician column, Dr. Helaine Smith discusses recent sensationalist news promos that made it seem as if all dental healthcare professionals are crooks.  Discuss
Gums in recession: Survival guide for tough times
October 3, 2008 -- In his latest Marketing Madness column, marketing expert Richard Gellar offers some advice and tips on surviving these tough economic times.  Discuss
Want fries with that crown? The art of the sell-up
October 2, 2008 -- How would you like to have another 20% or so in revenue, without much additional effort? You can get that with a technique called the "sell-up," according to marketing expert Richard Geller.  Discuss