How much is a patient worth? Part I
November 11, 2008 -- One of the most basic decisions in your practice may be how much to spend in order to attract new patients, says marketing guru Richard Geller in his column, Marketing Madness. To answer that question, you need to know how much revenue a patient will bring in.  Discuss
When it comes to implants, you gotta go 3D
November 10, 2008 -- In his latest Talking Pictures column, Dr. Ted Parks explains why using 3D imaging is the way to go when it comes to implant placement.  Discuss
Dentists should follow Paul McCartney's lead
November 6, 2008 -- Paul McCartney has passion for what he does and it shows in every way. Dentists should follow his example by being passionate about their profession and continuing to learn, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician.  Discuss
DICOM: A must for diagnostic integrity
November 5, 2008 -- To protect the diagnostic imaging data of patients and the practitioner from being the captive client of a single vendor, dentists should use a standard image file format that can interoperate with any practice management system. Fortunately, such a standard already exists: the ISO-referenced DICOM format.  Discuss
Guilt: The hidden reason patients quit
November 3, 2008 -- You can easily make patients feel so guilty they quit your practice, says marketing expert Richard Geller in his column, Marketing Madness. You may not even know you're doing it.  Discuss
Dentists must fight superhygienist law
October 30, 2008 -- By failing to block the creation of a "midlevel practitioner" in Minnesota, organized dentistry has allowed the profession to become degraded, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician. The law will exploit, rather than help, the underserved, she argues.  Discuss
Cone-beam CT adds new responsibilities for dentists
October 29, 2008 -- Without a doubt, 3D images from dedicated maxillofacial cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems will revolutionize the way advanced dental procedures are conducted.  Discuss
Peking University opens world-class stomatology facility
October 27, 2008 -- Multislice CT, cone-beam CT, ultrasound, state-of-the-art clinical stations -- this new school in Beijing is a dental student's dream.  Discuss
3D versus 2D imaging: It's hard to go back
October 24, 2008 -- In his latest Talking Pictures column, Dr. Ted Parks says that knowing what he knows now about the power of 3D imaging, it's sometimes difficult to base a clinical decision on 2D imaging.  Discuss
Can the ADA do more to educate the public?
October 21, 2008 -- Many patients don't understand the importance of oral health, and the ADA is not doing enough to educate the public, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her latest The Mouth Physician column. She argues that the organization could run more public service ads.  Discuss