Thought Leaders in Dentistry

Making the most of the holidays
December 11, 2009 -- What's the best way to show your staff how much they are appreciated?  Discuss
Present perfect
December 11, 2009 -- Is it possible to truly "live in the moment"?  Discuss
The AAOMR turns 60
December 8, 2009 -- The American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR) is no longer just for radiologists.  Discuss
The dreaded 'C' word
December 7, 2009 -- Do you have the courage to take a stand with patients who do not respect your time?  Discuss
Tweeting patients -- what's in it for you?
December 7, 2009 -- There's nothing wrong with a little free advertising -- even in cyberspace.  Discuss
Dos and don'ts for managing your practice: Empower your hygienist
December 7, 2009 -- With more and more demands on your time, having a resource to help increase production is critical. When you train your hygienist to focus on patient education, you create a practice advocate who supports the office and increases a patient's understanding of treatment.  Discuss
Dentists and Botox: Why not?
December 2, 2009 -- Change can be scary, but we owe it to our patients -- and ourselves.  Discuss
Holiday cheer, or holiday stress?
November 30, 2009 -- "Don't lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from ..."  Discuss
Dos and don'ts for managing your practice
November 30, 2009 -- We have experienced a number of ups and downs during the past 18 months. As the economy recovers, patients will begin spending money again on more of what they want.  Discuss
Freedom -- or lack thereof?
November 23, 2009 -- Find yourself between a rock and a hard place? It's time to follow your heart.  Discuss