Thought Leaders in Dentistry

Dedicated versus hybrid cone-beam CT: Two options emerge
October 9, 2008 -- X-ray imaging in dentistry is rapidly moving toward 3D, and it is time for general dentists to take note. The first FDA-approved cone-beam CT (CBCT) system was in the year 2000, but since that time many competitors have entered the marketplace. Read More
What the candidates' smiles say about their personalities
October 8, 2008 -- While watching the recent debates, Dr. Helaine Smith found herself analyzing the presidential candidates and their smiles and concluded that their smiles give clues into their personalities -- and possibly their governing style. Read More
Blame the dentist or the victim?
October 3, 2008 -- In her latest The Mouth Physician column, Dr. Helaine Smith discusses recent sensationalist news promos that made it seem as if all dental healthcare professionals are crooks. Read More
Gums in recession: Survival guide for tough times
October 3, 2008 -- In his latest Marketing Madness column, marketing expert Richard Gellar offers some advice and tips on surviving these tough economic times. Read More
Want fries with that crown? The art of the sell-up
October 2, 2008 -- How would you like to have another 20% or so in revenue, without much additional effort? You can get that with a technique called the "sell-up," according to marketing expert Richard Geller. Read More
Let's be more than just tooth plumbers
October 1, 2008 -- Dr. Helaine Smith shares her thoughts and views on the many interesting topics that dentists encounter while practicing modern dentistry in her new Second Opinion column, The Mouth Physician. Read More
The secret to advertising through Google
August 26, 2008 -- Patients who find their dentist through the Internet tend to spend more on dentistry. So how can you attract these patients? Marketing expert Richard Geller divulges the secret to advertising your practice with Google. Read More
3 common marketing mistakes -- and how to avoid them
July 25, 2008 -- Setting yourself apart from the competition can make all the difference in a tough economy. Here are some tips on how to create advertising that really works. Read More
Make your patients an offer they can't refuse
June 19, 2008 -- One simple principle can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your advertising: Make an irresistible offer. So argues marketing expert Richard Geller. Properly employed, he says, this approach will get you all the patients you need. Read More
Get patients from your Web site
May 7, 2008 -- A Web site can provide some of the most cost-effective marketing available to a dental practice. Marketing expert Richard Geller offers advanced advice for driving traffic to your site. Read More