Thought Leaders in Dentistry

Ask Marty: What is the best method of intraoffice communication?
March 9, 2009 -- A: There are many different ways to communicate within the office. Some are more effective then others. Ultimately, choosing the best communication system depends on the needs of your facility and practice.  Discuss
Who should read cone-beam CT volumes?
March 5, 2009 -- The oral and maxillofacial radiology community is not averse to having oral and maxillofacial pathologists review cone-beam CT images -- as long as they have the appropriate training.  Discuss
Dear ADA: Enough with the 'wait and see'!
March 3, 2009 -- In her latest The Mouth Physician column, Dr. Helaine Smith once again takes the ADA to task -- this time for failing to lobby strongly or loudly enough on behalf of dentists during the creation of U.S. President Barack Obama's stimulus package.  Discuss
Ask Marty: I'm a Cerec 3D user and very happy with the system. Should I upgrade to the new Cerec AC?
February 25, 2009 -- A: First of all, Cerec 3D is still advanced dental technology. And by owning and using this system, you are still ahead of the in-house restoration capability curve of most dentists. The Cerec AC does have some very impressive enhancements, however, that may make an upgrade worth considering at some point.  Discuss
It takes more than a weekend
February 20, 2009 -- Proper education and training are becoming increasingly imperative as general dentists add to their practices procedures formerly confined to the realm of specialists. As Dr. Helaine Smith says in her latest column, sometimes you have to ask yourself: If I were in the dental chair, would I be OK with this?  Discuss
Oh, this old thing?
February 17, 2009 -- Do you suffer from "delayed reactionitis"? In his latest Laughing Gas column, dentist and comedian Jimmy Earll says whether at home or the office, his wife is always glad to help.  Discuss
Ask Marty: I am considering getting a laser for my practice. What kind should I get?
February 17, 2009 -- A: Wow! That is like asking my family where they want to go for dinner. The answer depends on what you want the laser to do for you and your practice.  Discuss
When it comes to dental imaging, Luddites still exist!
February 11, 2009 -- The term Luddite has been used for centuries to describe anyone opposed to technological process and technological change. It could also be used to describe a number of people in the dental community, according to Dr. Allan Farman in his latest Talking Pictures column.  Discuss
3 keys to selling dentistry -- and why they work
February 10, 2009 -- A number of people avoid going to the dentist out of fear. What can you do to leapfrog this all-too-common problem and get them into your chair? In his latest Marketing Madness column, Richard Geller outlines three simple -- but effective -- techniques.  Discuss
Ask Marty: How do I protect my data in case my notebook computer is lost or stolen?
February 9, 2009 -- A: The FBI states that notebook computer thefts are up 48% during the last two years. The Ponemon Institute released data estimates that 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen from U.S. airports every week.  Discuss