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The pros and cons of owning a Cerec
January 7, 2009 -- After two years of Cerec ownership, Dr. Helaine Smith says the rewards are well worth the challenges. She cautions, however, that despite what the sales people may tell you, CAD/CAM technology does not automatically boost your practice's profitability.  Discuss
Word of mouth home page
January 7, 2009 -- This is the brief of the word of mouth home page
Why live-patient courses are essential
December 30, 2008 -- Patients these days are well-informed -- and critical, writes Dr. Helaine Smith in The Mouth Physician. If you don't satisfy them, you may even end up in court. That's why it's essential to study the latest techniques at live-patient courses where communication is part of the lesson.  Discuss
Kodak unveils large field-of-view CBCT system
December 23, 2008 -- Until recently, Kodak Dental Imaging was the exclusive dealer for the Imtec Iluma large field-of-view cone-beam CT (CBCT) system. Now Kodak has launched a competing product, according to Dr. Allan Farman's latest Talking Pictures column.  Discuss
General dentists don't know enough pediatrics
December 19, 2008 -- Many dentists don't understand the latest concepts of pediatric dentistry, Dr. Helaine Smith argues in her column, The Mouth Physician. Children should have their first appointment before 6 months of age, and dentists must identify and treat those at highest risk.  Discuss
Are word mistakes losing you cases?
December 15, 2008 -- If you know what trigger words to avoid, you can communicate far more effectively, get much higher case acceptance, and create a much better experience for your patients, says marketing guru Richard Geller in his column, Marketing Madness.  Discuss
Time to reconsider the full-mouth series?
December 12, 2008 -- A recent demonstration of radiology software in Japan begs the question: If you reduce the number of images in a full-mouth series and thus decrease patient dose, is too much diagnostic data lost? In his latest Talking Pictures column, Dr. Allan Farman offers his perspective.  Discuss
In defense of cosmetic dentistry
December 8, 2008 -- There's nothing unethical about making teeth look better, argues Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician. Restoring appearances can also mean restoring strength. One key is paying proper attention to occlusion.  Discuss
Direct mail and e-mail: Does the 'campaign effect' really work?
December 4, 2008 -- Can repeated direct mails and e-mails to the same prospect list effectively build your business? In his latest Marketing Madness column, Richard Geller outlines how the "campaign effect" works and how it can work for you.  Discuss
Congress highlights oral imaging in Asia
December 2, 2008 -- While many issues in diagnostic imaging are common to dentists around the world, Asia is a leader in adopting high-end systems into their dental schools.  Discuss