Thought Leaders in Dentistry

Do's and don'ts for problem-solving
October 19, 2020 -- Shutdowns, low patient volume, and so on have forced practices to become resilient and creative. And now is no time to stop. Living through this pandemic is like being on a roller coaster, and leaders who are willing to work to come up with effective solutions will have a much easier ride, explains Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
The power and ritual of the morning meeting
October 16, 2020 -- Even though the concept of the 10-minute morning meeting was introduced about 40 years ago, it's still relevant today, says Dr. Roger P. Levin. However, he also believes the agenda and focus of the meeting must change in the wake of COVID-19. In this article, he gives advice on how to make your morning meetings more successful.  Discuss
How milling, scanning can become an asset for your patients
October 13, 2020 -- Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, has seen what the collaboration between two dental technology companies has meant for his practice and patients. Now he's sharing his thoughts on why dental milling and scanning should be a part of your plans for your practice.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for managing feelings
October 12, 2020 -- It has been several months since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, and things are still very uncertain. Uncertainty is a breeding ground for many emotions, including fear, anxiety, and even anger. Having these emotions while you're running a busy dental practice is not ideal. However, you're human, and being upset is sometimes unavoidable, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
Let's talk about production and problem-solving in your practice
October 8, 2020 -- For Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, the end of the year represents a potential "perfect storm" in the dental practice. It starts with communicating with your patients (before and during their visit) and it could end with happier and healthier patients. He gives some advice on how to get started, including what it means for the dental hygienist.  Discuss
The 14 'splinters' this dentist warns patients to keep in mind
October 7, 2020 -- In this article, Dr. Alvin Danenberg describes why he talks to dental patients about the "splinters" that might be in their mouths and what they need to combat them. He hopes the words he shares here will give his fellow dentists some ideas on how to discuss these issues with their own patients.  Discuss
New asthma indication for triple-ingredient inhaler may increase complications
October 6, 2020 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the supplemental new drug application for Trelegy Ellipta for the maintenance treatment of asthma in patients ages 18 years and older. This new indication is important because the ingredients have dental implications and adverse effects that may be additive and synergistic. Tom Viola, RPh, explains more in this article.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for marketing in a crisis
October 5, 2020 -- As the world moves through the COVID-19 era, there are many new emotions being felt and displayed. And in a sense, marketing is about appealing to people's emotions. In this crisis, people have fears for their health, financial security, family, and future. All of these fears can be partly addressed through practice marketing if it focuses on compassion, explains Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
4 ways to make change happen in your dental practice
October 2, 2020 -- Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, has seen in his own practice what it takes to make change happen. As your business enters the fourth quarter of the year, he has some advice to share on how you can make change happen with your team, your patients, and your clinical skills.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for strategic planning
September 28, 2020 -- COVID-19 has increased the already growing level of competition that practices face. Every practice should complete a five-year strategic plan with monthly reviews and annual updates to the plan: This is how good practices become great and stay there, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss