37 Calif. children hospitalized for dental infections
October 17, 2016 -- The number of children who have been hospitalized for dental infections after having pulpotomies at a Southern California dental clinic has risen to 37. Health officials have traced the infection to the clinic's water lines, and the state dental board is investigating possible breaches of infection-control protocols.
Ransomware: Part 1 -- The threat and your practice
October 14, 2016 -- You see and read stories headlines about ransomware seemingly every week, but are those just scare stories mean to frighten you, or is there some truth behind the headlines? In the first of a two-part series, Steve Godfrey, chief information officer for NEA, provides an overview of this threat.
Second Opinion: NDA statement defends accepting 'Big Soda' donations
October 13, 2016 -- On October 11, reported on a published study that cited almost 100 organizations, including the National Dental Association (NDA), that have accepted sponsorship funds from the two large soda-producing corporations. In this Second Opinion, NDA President Dr. Judy Greanlea Taylor spells out her association's position.
Can new treatment aid fight against root canal biofilms?
October 13, 2016 -- Current treatment of root canal biofilms involves a complicated process of cleaning, shaping, disinfection, sealing, and restoration. Now the authors of a new review article in the Journal of Oral Microbiology look at whether a new treatment might be more effective at eradicating these biofilms.
The predictability of process in your practice
October 12, 2016 -- When you think coffee, which company pops into your head? How about if you need a package delivered overnight? Jay Geier, president of the Scheduling Institute, offers some practical advice so that your patients will think of your practice when they hear the word "dentist."
Dental fillings linked to elevated blood mercury levels
October 12, 2016 -- Should silver really be dentistry's gold standard? U.S. researchers have found a significant correlation between the number of dental surface restorations and blood mercury levels.
Dental group, U.S. gov. accepted millions from 'Big Soda'
October 11, 2016 -- Nearly 100 organizations, including the U.S. government and the National Dental Association, have accepted millions of dollars in sponsorship funds from the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, according to a new study.
5 reasons your overhead costs are out of control
October 11, 2016 -- Overhead costs are the bane of many practices. Rather than being able to put your money toward new or upgraded equipment, it goes toward keeping your practice afloat. Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers five ideas to help you get overhead costs under control.
2016 Dental Excellence Awards nominating period begins
October 10, 2016 -- The Dental Excellence Awards are once again open for nominations, giving you the chance to tell us who should be nominated for dentistry's most prestigious awards. Categories include Best New Restoratives Material, Best Practice Management Consultant, Best New Operatory Product, and more. There are eight categories in all.
Dos and don'ts for office efficiency: It's fall cleanup time
October 10, 2016 -- As you and your team go through your daily routines and care for patients, clutter can easily accumulate. To prevent it from getting out of control and interfering with your work, schedule semiannual office cleanups. Doing so will upgrade your operational efficiency, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
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