Case report: Orthodontic brace wire found in bowel
August 9, 2017 -- You might have seen stray wires from orthodontia in a patient's mouth, but what about in their abdomen? A new report from BMJ Case Reports highlights the unusual case of a patient who swallowed part of an orthodontic wire but did not have health issues until a decade later.  Discuss
Do sealants deliver as promised for caries prevention?
August 8, 2017 -- Sealants are commonly used for caries prevention, but are they all effective? With new sealant materials on the market, researchers updated a previous comprehensive review to reflect new data and to see if they are effective.  Discuss
Case report: Overuse of denture fixative causes rare neurological disorder
August 8, 2017 -- What's in the denture fixative your patients use and could it lead to health issues? For one 62-year-old patient, the long-term overuse of a fixative with zinc caused him to lose feeling in both of his legs. A new case report details the need to be aware of how your patients are using over-the-counter fixatives.  Discuss
3 reasons why patients just don't appreciate you
August 8, 2017 -- No matter what you and your team members do, many of your patients just don't value dentistry, and they certainly don't appreciate what you can do for their smile. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers three possible reasons and how to address these concerns.  Discuss
Epidemic periodontitis rates found in type 2 diabetes patients
August 7, 2017 -- Do you have adult patients with type 2 diabetes? Do you screen them for periodontal disease? The findings of a new study suggest the problem is wider than expected.  Discuss
Is CBCT or intraoral radiology better for finding bone defects?
August 4, 2017 -- Cone-beam CT (CBCT) and intraoral radiology are the most commonly used modalities to detect peri-implant bone defects. But does one outperform the other in finding these defects? Researchers compared numerous studies and came away with a surprising answer about both modalities.  Discuss
Study: 5 factors that affect no-shows and cancellations
August 3, 2017 -- Summer months tend to have more no-shows, but longer appointments are more likely to be canceled, according to the results of a new study. The researchers hope their findings will help create solutions that target those most likely to not attend appointments.  Discuss
Sugar causes more problems than just rotten teeth
August 2, 2017 -- You know that dietary sugars are a major cause of tooth decay, but do you know that these sugars cause more than just rotten teeth? In his latest column, Dr. Alvin Danenberg reviews some recent literature on the subject and discusses how he talks with his patients about this topic and their health.  Discuss
The law of attraction
August 2, 2017 -- Have you heard of the law of attraction? Basically, whatever you are moving toward is also moving toward you. But what does this mean for your practice and your patients? Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier asks, what and who are you attracting?  Discuss
New direction for preventing early childhood caries?
August 1, 2017 -- Bacteria and yeast are jointly responsible for early childhood caries, previous research suggests. Now a new study has isolated the surface molecules on yeast that interact with bacteria to form some biofilms, potentially leading to a novel strategy to fight this disease.  Discuss
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