New CE courses tackle opioid misuse and HIV
June 30, 2016 -- Two presentations from the 2016 Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) annual meeting are now available as continuing education (CE) videos. Topics include opioid misuse and the HIV care continuum, and other CSDA presentations from previous years are also available.
An inside look at rural dentistry
June 29, 2016 -- Have you ever wondered what it's like to practice dentistry in a rural community? Remya Niranjan, DDS, gives us an inside look at what it's like to be a dentist in a California farming town.
Sheri's Solutions: Not on the schedule
June 29, 2016 -- "I don't see that appointment on my schedule." Your team has probably heard that one before -- sometimes from the same patient more than once. In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri B. Doniger takes a deep breath and outlines how her office handles these patients.
IADR study: Is gingivitis likely in pregnant women?
June 28, 2016 -- Women who are pregnant are likely to have moderate to severe gingivitis and may need regular care to maintain their oral health, according to a new study presented on June 23 at the International Association for Dental Research general session in Seoul, South Korea.
Restrictive covenants: The story of a young associate
June 28, 2016 -- Attorney Joseph D. Jordan discusses one of the most difficult legal issues in practice: restrictive covenants. In this "case report," a newly graduated associate signed a restrictive covenant agreement that she presumed was nonenforceable. This column will help you learn from her costly and long-lasting mistake.
Dos and don'ts for financial management: Are you overdue for a collections upgrade?
June 27, 2016 -- Unfortunately, many dentists overestimate their collection rate. Practices often lack efficient, step-by-step systems for preventing and collecting overdues, and doctors don't actually track the numbers. As smart business leaders will tell you, what doesn't get measured doesn't get done, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
8 ways to address conflict in a family-run practice
June 27, 2016 -- If you own a family-run dental practice, you know how challenging it can be. In her second column on these practices, practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers eight tips to keep your practice running smoothly and to keep all your employees positive and productive.
As the price soars, gold no longer glitters
June 24, 2016 -- Once literally the gold standard for dental restorations, the precious metal has largely been replaced by ceramics as the material of choice for most dentists. The soaring cost of gold combined with the development of ceramic materials has led to a decline in gold's allure in dentistry.
How to leverage your offline connections
June 23, 2016 -- recently asked Dr. Roger P. Levin of Levin Group and Bekkah Vidal of Wpromote to share their thoughts about offline or community marketing. They discuss the real-world marketing of your practice, how to create goodwill in the community, and more.
A clinician's journey into the third dimension: Part 5 -- Clinical decisions made easy
June 23, 2016 -- Combining 3D imaging with clinical findings yields indisputable evidence that becomes the foundation for a complete dental exam, Dr. Anthony Ramirez writes. In the latest installment of his series, he details two case reports in which innovative technology helped guide his treatment recommendations and facilitated better outcomes for his patients.
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