Disruptive nanoparticles may lead caries fight
August 3, 2016 -- New weapons in the fight against plaque and caries may soon be available. Topical antiplaque and anticaries toothpastes and rinses using nanoparticles that disrupt the biofilms in plaque may be not only feasible but effective, according to a study from University of Pennsylvania researchers.
LA program gets low-income kids to the dentist
August 2, 2016 -- A project designed to improve the oral health of children up to 5 years old succeeded in getting more low-income kids to the dentist and tripling the number of preventive dental visits for a historically underserved population. But are the gains sustainable over the long term?
Stem cell collection benefits patients and practice
August 2, 2016 -- Stem cells are more than just a theoretical topic for Dr. Nicholas Perrotta. He was diagnosed with leukemia, and an allogeneic bone marrow stem cell transplant saved his life. Now, he writes about how he has made the collection of stem cells from patients' pulpal tissue an option at his practice and gained new referrals because of this service.
Dos and don'ts for the hygiene department: Emphasize oral cancer screening
August 1, 2016 -- Patients will find it much easier to skip a hygiene appointment at your practice if they think it's "just a cleaning." By including oral cancer screening on a comprehensive list of clinical services provided during the visit and effectively communicating their oral health value, you'll motivate more patients to maintain their hygiene habit, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin.
5 simple tips to improve your practice's processes
August 1, 2016 -- Stuck in a revenue cycle rut? Lost in a process management fog? There's a way to improve your practice's processes, writes Vyne CEO and President Lindy Benton, if you give the business side of your practice the right attention and planning.
DSO with a difference? Avitus hopes to change the mold
July 29, 2016 -- Is it possible to recreate the sometimes-maligned dental service organization (DSO) model and put the dentist and the patient first, not the organization? An industry veteran has launched a new DSO called Avitus Dental Management Solutions in hopes of changing the paradigm.
43 Rules: Rule No. 3 -- Set a minimum of 10 goals
July 28, 2016 -- In his recent book, 43 Rules to Increase Practice Production, Dr. Roger P. Levin shares recommendations for achieving greater practice success in the new, more challenging dental economy. In the third excerpt, he urges setting a minimum of 10 goals for the practice.
Turning first-day jitters into practice success
July 28, 2016 -- What was your first day as a new dentist like? If it was anything like Dr. Jason Watts' first day, it wasn't quite what he expected. However, it did serve to remind him that not only was this the day he'd worked so hard to get to, he was also prepared.
Why dentists need to think like retailers
July 27, 2016 -- Who is at the center of your practice? It's a simple question with a not-so-simple answer when you examine it. The best response, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier, is that your patient should be at the center of your practice. He offers three tips to help you put your patients first and grow your practice.
Accidental discovery may lead to materials revolution
July 27, 2016 -- What if you could use what might be the hardest known metallic substance compatible with living tissue for your patient's implants? What if that material also reduced wear and weighed less than current materials? It might sound like science fiction, but an accidental discovery by researchers working on magnets might show the way forward for implants.
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