ADA report: Financial issues are main reason for delayed dental care
November 4, 2014 -- Financial factors are the biggest reason people delay getting needed dental care, according to a new ADA Health Policy Institute report. Access to dental care will be more difficult as millions of children and adults gain dental coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Dos and don'ts for relationship building
November 3, 2014 -- For dental practices, touch points with patients have always come easily. There are numerous opportunities for building durable practice-patient relationships. These can serve as a natural defense against patient migration if dentists learn to open up personally to patients in the course of providing professional care, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Early dental consult plays important role in treating orofacial pain
November 3, 2014 -- A team of Japanese researchers who looked at more than 200 patients with orofacial pain has found that early consultation with a dentist is useful in arriving at a differential diagnosis and preventing this pain from becoming a chronic problem.
First Do No Harm: Practical infection-control solutions
November 3, 2014 -- In the first of a new series, dental hygienist Noel Kelsch, RDHAP, reviews the infection-control situation in the case of patient Jenn Morrone and offers practical steps to ensure your practice doesn't repeat these errors.
What dentists can learn from CEOs about setting and hitting targets
October 30, 2014 -- In the latest excerpt from his book, What Dentists Can Learn From Top CEOs, Dr. Roger P. Levin draws the distinction between targets and goals, and explains how to set -- and hit -- your targets for your practice.
Scientists identify genetic mutation associated with cleft palate
October 30, 2014 -- Scientists studying birth defects in humans have identified an association between cleft lip and cleft palate and a mutation in the ADAMTS20 gene. Their findings were presented at the recent American Society of Human Genetics 2014 annual meeting.
How profitable are your associate dentists? Part 4 -- Expenses
October 29, 2014 -- Consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, and Jill Nesbitt, MBA, continue their series of examining how to measure the productivity and determine the profitability of each provider in your practice. This time the focus is on allocating the expenses based on production.
3 reasons you're losing patients
October 29, 2014 -- welcomes practice management expert Sally McKenzie's insight into how you can run a more successful practice. Her first column focuses on three reasons your practice isn't retaining patients.
Dental Sedation Death and Injuries: Part 1 -- Perspectives
October 28, 2014 -- In his latest series for, Dr. Michael W. Davis focuses on injuries and death that result from dental sedation incidents and how the profession can work together to limit the risks. In this first part, he looks at the reporting, monitoring, and reimbursement status of sedation.
Dental eye-protection movement born from infection-control issues
October 28, 2014 -- When patient Jenn Morrone went to her local dentist for a root canal, she had no idea about the need for protective eyewear or infection-control standards. More than a year after a series of issues left her blind in one eye, she is leading the advocacy for patient protection eyewear and infection-control vigilance.
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