Sheri's Solutions: Gathering patient data
April 8, 2016 -- Solutions come in many different forms. Sometimes it's state-of-the-art technology that helps your practice improve patient care. But sometimes it's using a free translation tool to increase understanding and improve a patient's health. In her latest Sheri's Solutions column, Dr. Sheri Doniger shares a case report of why finding solutions is so important.
Second Opinion: Response to 'JAMA: Too many opioids prescribed for extractions'
April 7, 2016 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Paul A. Moore urges a deeper look at the data when it comes to opioid prescriptions and dentists. He notes that dentists and dental organizations have been working for years to combat this issue and that efforts to identify and alleviate prescription drug abuse are making strides against this issue.
Why cash-flow planning matters
April 7, 2016 -- A key way to making smart decisions about your present and future financial situation is having a complete road map. As financial planner John G. McCarthy III writes, the process known as cash-flow planning is an important part of your long-term financial management and growth strategy.
Put me in coach! Top 5 characteristics of the coachable
April 6, 2016 -- While the University of North Carolina (UNC) fell just short of another NCAA men's basketball title, Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier is reminded of a previous era of UNC basketball, one led by Michael Jordan. But, while Jordan made himself into a basketball marvel, it was his willingness to be coached that stands out for Geier.
ADA brief estimates cost of expanding dental Medicaid
April 6, 2016 -- A March 2016 brief from the ADA Health Policy Institute estimated the cost to states of introducing nonemergency dental benefits for adults enrolled in Medicaid. Some states would add benefits for a slight a percentage increase of their total Medicaid spending, according to the brief.
A clinician's journey into the third dimension: Part 2
April 5, 2016 -- In the first part of this series, Dr. Anthony Ramirez presented some indications for a cone-beam CT scan. In part two, he illustrates in specific case reports how this technology has helped his practice.
Meet Women in Dentistry speaker Dr. Sheri Doniger
April 5, 2016 -- While readers of know her as the author of the Sheri's Solutions column, you might not know that Dr. Sheri Doniger is a leader and trailblazer. Besides having a thriving practice, she's also a leader in organized dentistry and active in her community. Read her thoughts on leadership, challenges, and how to build a team as you prepare for the upcoming Women in Dentistry conference.
Dos and don'ts for increasing revenue: Get serious about cosmetic dentistry
April 4, 2016 -- The current cosmetic dentistry market is estimated at $4 billion in the U.S. Patients want their teeth and smiles to look as attractive as possible, and they're willing to spend a considerable amount of money to reach that goal. This represents a tremendous opportunity for dentists to increase revenue and income, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.
6 tips for keeping your patient data safe
April 4, 2016 -- Think your practice is too small for hackers to take notice? Dr. Jonny Brennan writes that almost half of all security breaches in 2014 were in healthcare, including dental offices. He offers six practical tips to help you keep your patient data safe and secure.
Study: Antidepressants linked to dental implant failure
April 1, 2016 -- Antidepressants are associated with higher rates of dental implant failure, according to the findings of a new study presented at the recent American Academy of Dental Research meeting.
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