Judge rules Fla. Medicaid program for kids violates several laws
January 2, 2015 -- A federal judge has ruled that Florida's Medicaid program for children violates federally guaranteed rights to medical and dental care. Florida's history of low reimbursement has led to a lack of access to care for many children on Medicaid, according to the decision.
Study: 'Microbial dark matter' may cause periodontitis
January 2, 2015 -- A new study may shed light on the role of "microbial dark matter" in the progression of periodontitis and other diseases, according to results published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The valuation of trust: Part 2
December 31, 2014 -- In part 2 of this series, consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, continues his discussion of trust in the process of buying and selling dental practices. Trust is established by accepting the valuation formula as calculated by an acceptable valuation professional and moving forward from there, he writes.
Report: High Medicaid reimbursement hasn't fixed ND dental care
December 30, 2014 -- A new report from the University of North Dakota found that the state is fighting the same distribution-of-care issues as many other states, despite having one of the highest Medicaid dental reimbursement rates in the U.S.
Top 10 stories of 2014: Part 1
December 29, 2014 -- With 2014 coming to a close, reviews the most popular articles of the year. In part 1, we'll look at articles six through 10, which touched on dental radiography, a new bone repair device, and the dental needs of NHL players, among other topics.
Regulatory hot spots in dental transactions: Part 2
December 29, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, a partner and two associates from healthcare law firm McGuireWoods continue their series on regulatory issues in dental transactions, focusing on dental service organizations (DSOs) and considerations such as noncompete clauses, billing procedures, and HIPAA compliance.
Dos and don'ts for customer service: See your practice as patients do
December 29, 2014 -- The more focused you are on dentistry, the more difficult it is for you to see yourself, your team, and your practice from the patients' point of view. Yet their impressions are critically important to your success, so you need to look objectively at what they experience when they come in for an appointment, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
FDA's reclassification of SDF as a fluoride could mean new treatment options
December 26, 2014 -- The Oregon dental board's resolution allowing dental auxiliaries to apply silver diamine fluoride (SDF), which followed the recent classification of SDF as a fluoride by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, could mean new treatment options, especially for Medicaid beneficiaries.
Review: Is CBCT useful in detecting early implant failure?
December 24, 2014 -- A new review in Dental Clinics of North America that examined current knowledge about the use of cone-beam CT (CBCT) in detecting early implant failures has found that, while it may have its uses, conventional radiographs will provide the necessary information in most cases.
The valuation of trust: Part 1
December 24, 2014 -- As consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, writes, trust is an overarching topic that is too often not discussed. Why should a seller trust a buyer's agent, and why should a buyer trust a seller's broker? Until you answer this, the entire process of buying and selling dental practices may well be founded on miscommunication.
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