Legal considerations for practice ownership: Part 1
November 4, 2015 -- A course on what you should know when buying a practice is not on the syllabus for most dental schools. As dental attorney Joseph D. Jordan writes, new dentists often find they have little on which to base their life-changing choices when taking that first step into practice ownership. In the first part of this series, Jordan details the first two legal considerations: practicing due diligence and the formation of a business entity.
Study: 3D-printed teeth can kill bacteria on contact
November 4, 2015 -- 3D-printed teeth made with antimicrobial composite resins can kill caries-causing bacteria on contact, according to a new study by researchers from the Netherlands. The antibacterial teeth killed almost all Streptococcus mutans while showing no signs of being harmful to human cells.
Nanodiamonds may prevent infection after root canals
November 3, 2015 -- Researchers have mixed nanodiamonds with gutta-percha to create a new material that is stronger than the original and has antimicrobial capabilities. The nanodiamond gutta-percha may be able to prevent reinfection after root canal therapy, according to the authors of a new study.
Dental Excellence Awards nominating ends this week
November 3, 2015 -- Time is running out for you to make your nominations for the Dental Excellence Awards. The nominating process closes midnight on November 5. Your colleagues and peers have already told us who should be nominated for dentistry's most prestigious awards, and it's time for you to join them.
Legal Cases: Orthodontics, severe root resorption, and tooth loss
November 2, 2015 -- In their latest column, William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc R. Leffler present a case on a female patient who came to an orthodontist seeking to close some spacing. How this treatment plan changed over time and what kind of follow-up and monitoring are required make for interesting reading.
Dos and don'ts for team leadership: Express your appreciation
November 2, 2015 -- As the leader of your practice, you can improve team performance measurably by expressing your appreciation. With a steady stream of "thank yous" and compliments for staff efforts, you'll reinforce their good habits and inspire them to do even better, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Texas officials giving up on most Medicaid fraud cases
October 30, 2015 -- Texas officials are giving up on recovering most of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on questionable Medicaid dental and orthodontic procedures. After years of an ongoing scandal over fraudulent billing and courtroom losses, the commission that oversees Medicaid has offered settlements for a fraction of the claimed damages.
iPad matches clarity of medical-grade display
October 29, 2015 -- At least one tablet can hold its own against a traditional medical-grade display, according to a recent study. Examiners were able to identify key anatomical landmarks on an iPad Air just as well as on a LCD monitor.
Why the Cubs matter to your practice
October 29, 2015 -- In their first column for, Drs. Bill and Christina Blatchford ask: How did the Chicago Cubs move from the eye-rolling bottom of the barrel to contention in 2015? The blueprint the Cubs organization followed can be applied to your practice, they write.
ADA survey: Debt, gender influence career choices
October 28, 2015 -- Dentists who graduated with higher debt were less likely to specialize and more likely to enter private practice than other primary occupations, according to the findings of a new survey in the Journal of the American Dental Association.
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