The importance of long-term thinking for your practice
August 31, 2016 -- You hear a lot about long-term practice planning, but between providing excellent patient care and managing your day-to-day practice, it seems like something that keeps getting pushed back. The Scheduling Institute's Jay Geier has some ideas about how to plan for your practice's future.
HIPAA compliance: Part 2 -- 3 things you can do today
August 31, 2016 -- HIPAA compliance is only getting more complicated, but there are practical steps you can take. In the second of a two-part series, Jeff Broudy, CEO of a HIPAA-compliance firm, offers three steps you can take today to help limit your HIPAA-compliance risks.
Can root canal treatment help heart disease?
August 30, 2016 -- Recommending root canal treatment to potentially prevent a heart attack may seem like a stretch now, but one day it could be reality. A recent research article has linked endodontic lesions to cardiovascular disease.
Do fluoride mouthrinses prevent caries in kids?
August 30, 2016 -- Do any schools in your community offer a fluoride mouthrinse for their students? Do you counsel your pediatric patients, and their parents, to use such a rinse? You probably should, according to a recent Cochrane Library review.
Dos and don'ts for patient management: Turn a no-show into a teachable moment
August 29, 2016 -- Few things upset dentists more than when patients fail to show up for their appointments. No-shows create gaps in your schedule that are impossible to fill, costing you production, revenue, and income. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin explains how you can turn a no-show into a teachable moment for patients.
Get smart with your staff: Part 1
August 29, 2016 -- Many dental practices seem busy, but over the years Kevin Tighe of Cambridge Dental Consultants has found that these practices are underproducing by as much as 40% based on their production capacity. In the first of a two-part series, he writes that the keys to increasing performance are your staff and your skills in leading and managing them.
NJ dentist linked to heart infections, 1 death
August 26, 2016 -- A New Jersey oral surgeon has been linked to 15 cases of bacterial endocarditis, a heart infection, including one patient who subsequently died. While an investigation by state health officials found "breaches of infection prevention practices" at the office where patients had received IV sedation, the doctor was not suspended or penalized by the state dental board.
Are New England dental practices worth more?
August 25, 2016 -- Which region of the U.S. has the highest average valuation for dental practices? If you guessed New England, you're correct, according to the DrBicuspid-Snapshot practice valuation tool. The tool is a quick way to get an idea of what your dental practice is worth.
How to respond to 'But you said I should floss'
August 25, 2016 -- With the release of the Associated Press article on the lack of evidence of flossing's effectiveness, patients might be questioning the education you and your staff provide and, in some cases, the providers themselves. But, as stress management expert Jen Butler writes, you can manage conversations in which you educate patients in one direction when research sends them in the other.
HIPAA compliance: Part 1 -- 5 important requirements
August 24, 2016 -- Does your practice have an information technology managed service agreement? If so, does it cover your practice's HIPAA compliance? In the first of a two-part series, Jeff Broudy, CEO of a HIPAA-compliance firm, discusses five HIPAA requirements that are not often covered by your agreement.
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