ADA 2016: 4 steps to screen for childhood obesity -- Part 2
October 26, 2016 -- Screening for obesity within the dental practice can help prevent at-risk kids from developing chronic diseases later in life, according to a session on nutrition at the recent 2016 ADA annual meeting. However, the speakers also recognize that weight can be a difficult topic for dental providers to broach. Part two of this series focuses on four steps dental providers can use to screen kids for obesity.
5 qualities of a great team
October 26, 2016 -- Maybe you aren't managing a Major League Baseball team, but you are managing a team. As Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute writes, building a team in which everyone contributes and is involved requires tools and training, but every team has the potential to become a dream team.
ADA 2016: Why dentists should screen kids for obesity -- Part 1
October 25, 2016 -- Did you know elementary school-aged kids see their dentist more often than their primary care provider? That's why it's important for dental professionals to screen kids for obesity, according to a well-attended session on nutrition at the recent 2016 ADA annual meeting. Part one of this two-part series focuses on why dental providers can -- and should -- do weight assessments.
The Naked Dentist: Communication advances technology
October 25, 2016 -- It's not always easy to ask for help, especially when it comes to using new technologies. As Curtis Marshall writes in his latest Naked Dentist column, sometimes it just takes some open, honest communication and asking for help to overcome obstacles.
Legal Cases: Placement of implants projecting into the maxillary sinus
October 24, 2016 -- A 61-year-old man presented to a large group practice where a prosthodontist proposed a treatment plan of four implants. As William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc R. Leffler document in their latest Legal Cases series, having a plan of action isn't enough -- it has to be written in the patient's chart.
Dos and don'ts for patient relationships: Partner with patients to provide better care
October 24, 2016 -- You may talk about how committed you are to your patients, but do you demonstrate it in every interaction with everyone who comes to your practice? Make your commitment clear by treating patients like partners in maintaining, restoring, and improving their oral health, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.
ADA 2016: Can CBCT benefit the general dentist?
October 21, 2016 -- DENVER - If you're a general dentist on the fence about a cone-beam CT (CBCT) system, dental technology expert Dr. John Flucke might have answered your questions about if it is worthwhile and practical to invest in this technology in a presentation on Thursday at the 2016 ADA annual meeting.
Ransomware: Part 2 -- 5 key steps for prevention
October 21, 2016 -- In the second of a two-part series, Steve Godfrey, chief information officer for NEA, offers five key steps you can take to help keep your office safe from a ransomware attack. As he notes, prevention is the best step.
Student loan forgiveness: Part 1 -- 6 loan forgiveness programs to know
October 20, 2016 -- While your student loan debt can seem like a barrier, there are ways to reduce your burden substantially. In his first column for, student loan expert Andrew Josuweit offers six programs you might not be aware of that can help you reduce your debt.
Is an intraoral scanner more accurate than impressions?
October 20, 2016 -- Often the first question that's asked about digital dentistry techniques is about accuracy. You might be surprised by what researchers from Japan found in the first study that measured the accuracy of an optical impression scanner versus conventional impressions for implant placement.
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