Elevate Oral Care adds 2 new products
November 20, 2015 -- Elevate Oral Care has introduced 12-mL bottles of its FluoriMax fluoride varnish and also a dry mouth spray.
New study compares properties of CAD/CAM composites
November 13, 2015 -- A study of various dental restorative CAD/CAM composites has found that lithium disilicate glass ceramic had the highest flexural strength, but all the materials were found to be satisfactory in terms of their mechanical and optical properties.
Collagen Matrix to participate in FDA learning program
November 12, 2015 -- Collagen Matrix announced that the company has been selected to participate in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Experiential Learning Program.
America's ToothFairy holds online fundraising auction
November 11, 2015 -- America's ToothFairy: National Children's Oral Health is holding a virtual ball and online auction through November 16.
Cosmedent releases the FlexiSAW
November 9, 2015 -- Cosmedent has released the FlexiSAW, a short and thin finishing and polishing product for restorative procedures.
ADA 2015: Highlights from day 1
November 6, 2015 -- WASHINGTON, DC - More than 13,000 dental professionals are expected to attend the ADA's 2015 annual meeting. With more than 500 exhibitors and scores of presentations, the first day of the annual meeting was busy.
ADA 2015: Water Pik debuts ClearView sectional matrix system
November 6, 2015 -- WASHINGTON, DC - Water Pik introduced the ClearView sectional matrix system at this week's ADA 2015 meeting.
ADA 2015: Solea gets FDA clearance for new procedures
November 5, 2015 -- WASHINGTON, DC - Convergent Dental announced at the 2015 ADA meeting in Washington, DC, that its Solea dental laser has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to perform osseous tissue procedures.
ADA 2015: ADA marks water fluoridation anniversary
November 5, 2015 -- WASHINGTON, DC - At its 2015 annual meeting, the ADA is marking the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation with poster displays and acknowledgement of a recent U.S. House of Representatives' resolution on the importance of community water fluoridation.
Study: 3D-printed teeth can kill bacteria on contact
November 4, 2015 -- 3D-printed teeth made with antimicrobial composite resins can kill caries-causing bacteria on contact, according to a new study by researchers from the Netherlands. The antibacterial teeth killed almost all Streptococcus mutans while showing no signs of being harmful to human cells.
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