Implants improve quality of life for partially edentulous patients
May 25, 2017 -- What's the effect of implant-supported single crowns or fixed partial dentures on oral health-related quality of life, and is this effect influenced by age or gender? A new study examined both physical and psychological factors in patients up to three years after implant placement.
Study measures displacement of zirconia crowns into implants
May 25, 2017 -- When you are tightening a CAD/CAM-fabricated zirconia single-implant crown into an internal conical seal implant-abutment connection, you know there is going to be some displacement, but how much? The researchers of a new study measured this displacement and also asked if it's enough to affect the proximal contacts and occlusion of the prosthesis.
Which fixation system performs best over the long term?
May 17, 2017 -- Oral surgeons and other dental practitioners faced with a challenging presentation in orthognathic and reconstructive surgery will often consider either a titanium fixation system or a biodegradable system. Researchers from the Netherlands wanted to compare the two systems and see which performed better over the long term.
Survey: More Wash. kids getting dental care
May 17, 2017 -- Almost 90% of children in Washington state are receiving dental care for cavities, according to the results of a new survey.
Are transplanted third molars an implant alternative?
May 16, 2017 -- The autotransplantation of third molars has been called a feasible, fast, and economical alternative to an implant when a suitable donor tooth is available. But how do these teeth hold up over the long term, and what kind of socket is best for their placement?
Improving oral quality of life for nursing home residents
May 9, 2017 -- What is the level of oral health-related quality of life among elderly nursing home residents, and how does it relate to prosthetic needs? A new study found that oral quality-of-life levels were low and the need for denture-related treatment high, with certain factors placing residents at greater risk.
NIDCR awards LSU $2.5M to develop improved restorations
May 8, 2017 -- The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) has awarded Louisiana State University (LSU) Health New Orleans School of Dentistry a five-year, $2.5 million grant to develop stronger, longer-lasting dental filling materials with antibacterial properties that inhibit biofilm formation.
Microthreaded-neck implants produce less bone loss
May 5, 2017 -- Previous studies have found that the use of implants with a rough surface and microthreaded neck may reduce crestal bone loss compared with other implant types, but this positive effect is subject to various factors. To take a closer look at this important issue, a new systematic review examined high-quality research on the topic.
New products: Brasseler adds titanium scalers, curettes
May 5, 2017 -- Dental and surgical instrument manufacturer Brasseler USA has added new titanium scalers and curettes to its ImplantPro line.
Study tests particle-filled resins for partial crowns
May 4, 2017 -- What materials do you use for single-tooth, partial-crown restorations? Particle-filled composite resin CAD/CAM materials are a promising addition to practitioner's toolbox, but do they hold up over time? Researchers tested 42 partial-crown restorations over two years to see how well these restorations performed.
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