Women lag behind men in dental school faculty and pay
October 5, 2022 -- The number of full-time female faculty has increased at dental schools in the U.S., but men still outnumber -- and outearn -- women faculty at schools, according to an article published recently in the Journal of Dental Education. Read More
Do apps help orthodontic patients improve their oral hygiene?
October 5, 2022 -- Can an app reduce plaque for orthodontic patients? Researchers analyzed the effects of using a mobile app on the oral hygiene of adolescents undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment in a small study published on October 1 in the International Dental Journal. Read More
How to improve your dental marketing with photography
October 5, 2022 -- As a dental professional, you want to showcase your practice. One great way to do that is to take the best pictures of your dental practice and use them in your marketing materials. George J. Newton shares three tried and tested tips to improve your photography so you can show patients what you do. Read More
Dentist who documented secret U.S. Army germ tests dies
October 5, 2022 -- A dentist and political scientist who chronicled a secret U.S. Army germ test program that exposed unwitting U.S. residents to bacteria and chemical agents to test their vulnerability to attacks has died, according to a story published in the New York Times. Read More
Hygienist, assistant shortage may be on verge of crisis
October 4, 2022 -- Dentistry is facing a harrowing workforce shortage that began before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it may get worse before it gets better, according to data released on October 3 during a webinar hosted by the ADA's Health Policy Institute. Read More
Childhood medication linked to molar incisor hypomineralization
October 4, 2022 -- Exposure to certain medications in early childhood is suspected to be associated with molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH). Researchers analyzed associations between MIH, exposure to medication, and prenatal factors in a study published on September 30 in the Journal of Dentistry. Read More
1 round of laser therapy may reduce 3rd molar surgery pain
October 4, 2022 -- Administering an extraoral low-level diode laser for one session of irradiation following wisdom tooth surgery may decrease patient pain, according to the results of a clinical trial recently published in BMC Oral Health. Read More
Bone defects found in adults after clear aligner therapy
October 3, 2022 -- Imaging revealed an increase in alveolar bone defects in adults with mild to moderate crowding who underwent clear aligner therapy without tooth extractions, according to a study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Read More
Are dentists overdiagnosing burning mouth sensation?
October 3, 2022 -- Patients with burning mouth sensation are frequently seen in dental clinics, yet dentists may be overdiagnosing the condition, according to a study of more than 500 patients that was published on September 24 in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read More
Do's and don'ts for improving the new patient experience
October 3, 2022 -- Ensure that more new patients become loyal, long-term patients by creating a positive initial experience for them. Each aspect of the new patient experience should be planned and scripted for maximum effectiveness, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
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