Social isolation hastens tooth loss in older adults
January 24, 2022 -- Social isolation was associated with fewer remaining teeth and accelerated tooth loss among older adults in China in a study published on January 17 in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. Read More
Do's and don'ts for efficiency
January 24, 2022 -- As we move through the post-COVID-19 era, it's safe to assume that many practices will see patient volume decrease. The good news is that specific systems-based strategies can improve patient volume even if it will be lower than in the past, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
How to talk to patients when something goes wrong
January 21, 2022 -- Accidents, such as pulling the wrong tooth, can happen, but how clinicians respond to these situations makes all the difference, according to a webinar presented on January 19 by the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention. Read More
Access to fluoridated water falls short at Calif. university
January 21, 2022 -- Employees with access to water containing fluoride can have related oral health benefits, but at least one California university is falling short of providing clean and readily available fluoridated water, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read More
Mothers, formula-fed babies have more similar oral bacteria
January 20, 2022 -- New research suggests that infants who are formula fed share more of their mothers' oral microbiome than babies who are only breastfed. The findings were published on January 18 in the journal mBio. Read More
Meet the Cuspies 2021 finalists
January 20, 2022 -- Who made it to the final round in this year's edition of the Cuspies? We are very excited to announce the people, products, and events that our readers selected as finalists in this year's event to recognize excellence in dentistry. Read More
DrBicuspid sales director August James dies
January 20, 2022 -- National Sales Director August "Auggie" James died on January 8. He has left behind a tremendous legacy in the dental industry through his 25 years of advertising sales experience with traditional and digital media companies. Read More
Dentists, dental students worldwide resistant to COVID-19 jabs
January 19, 2022 -- Many practicing dentists and dental students throughout the world remain reluctant to receive vaccinations for COVID-19, according to a perspective published online January 17 in the Journal of Dental Sciences. Read More
Dental Practice Made Simple: Keeping measurement simple
January 19, 2022 -- There are three key numbers that tell you how your dental practice is doing overall: production, overhead, and profit. In the latest episode of Dental Practice Made Simple, Dr. Roger P. Levin explains how these three macro numbers relate to each other and your practice success. Read More
Triclosan may be linked to gastrointestinal disease
January 18, 2022 -- Triclosan, an antimicrobial agent found in toothpaste and other oral care products, may be associated with a type of gut inflammation that induces chronic digestive diseases, according to a study published on January 10 in Nature Communications. Read More
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