Dentistry seeks Medicaid dental benefit for U.S. adults
December 9, 2022 -- Leaders and organizations in healthcare and dentistry, including the ADA and the American Dental Hygienists' Association are asking U.S. lawmakers to add extensive adult dental benefits to every state Medicaid program to improve oral health equity and access. Read More
U.S. lawmakers may allow funding for dental therapists
December 9, 2022 -- U.S. legislators are considering a proposed appropriations bill of approximately $1.4 trillion that includes a provision which, if approved, would permit federal funding for dental therapists in the fiscal year 2023. Read More
SmileDirectClub hit with lawsuit over NDAs
December 8, 2022 -- The attorney general of Washington, DC, is suing SmileDirectClub for allegedly making injured and dissatisfied customers sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to receive promised refunds for their clear aligners, according to a complaint filed on December 5. Read More
Dentist helps World Cup fan bullied for his smile
December 8, 2022 -- A dentist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provided a Moroccan football fan with a new smile after he was bullied about his teeth at the Qatar World Cup, according to news reports. The dentist crafted the fan a set of full dentures to fix his crooked teeth. Read More
Inflation tops COVID-19 for reasons to delay dental care
December 8, 2022 -- U.S. adults are more likely to report concerns about inflation and rising prices than concerns about COVID-19 as reasons to delay dental care, according to public opinion research released on December 7 by the Delta Dental Institute. Read More
How to protect your practice from inflation
December 7, 2022 -- You've probably noticed that inflation is rising quickly. Wages, equipment costs, and more are increasing, and you may need to make changes to ensure your practice remains profitable. Marketing manager Jayden Klippel shares four things you can do to insulate your practice from inflation. Read More
Let's have a conversation (not a presentation)
December 7, 2022 -- If you want to improve your connection with patients and help them make changes to improve their dental health, then you'll want to practice motivational interviewing and reflective listening, writes Dr. James V. Anderson. Read More
Debate to Better Dentistry: Dental therapists
December 6, 2022 -- In this new series hosted by Dr. Michael W. Davis, two prominent leaders in the dental profession answer the same questions about a hotly contested topic in the dental profession. Today's debate is on dental therapy and features Drs. Paul Casamassimo and Frank Catalanotto. Read More
Benefits of whitening before smile-enhancing procedures
December 6, 2022 -- In many cases, when an adult completes orthodontic treatment, their teeth are straight, but they are still not completely satisfied with their smile. Dr. Kevin Brown shares two cases in which he used in-office tooth whitening and composite bonding to rejuvenate patients' smiles. Read More
Meet the Cuspies 2023 semifinal candidates
December 5, 2022 -- is pleased to announce the list of semifinalists for the 2023 edition of the Cuspies. The awards celebrate the best and brightest in dentistry, recognizing outstanding people, products, and events over the past year. Read More