Crest launches new Pro-Health HD 2-stage toothpaste

Procter & Gamble brand Crest introduced its Pro-Health HD two-step daily use toothpaste at the recent Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

The toothpaste has a unique two-stage delivery system. Instead of combining whitening and fluoride into one toothpaste, Pro-Health HD has two: a purifying cleanser followed by a perfecting gel. Rather than two minutes of one toothpaste, the instructions say to use the cleanser for a minute then the gel for another minute. The new toothpaste can deliver a six-times healthier mouth and six-times whiter teeth in one week when used correctly, according to the company.

This arrangement optimizes each of the steps, like with hair care, where you shampoo first then put in conditioner, the company said. The delivery of stannous fluoride occurs in step one, which helps the active ingredient to be more productive. The ingredients are not compatible for storage. Having two separate steps allows for the "optimized delivery" of stannous fluoride and hydrogen peroxide, the company noted.

In 20 clinical studies with thousands of participants, the company reported a reduction in plaque and gingivitis. In terms of reduction of gum redness, the company said this new product's effectiveness was comparable with chlorhexidine rinse. The company also tested the product versus hexedine, which it labeled the gold standard for antimicrobials, and found comparable performance with less expense and over-the-counter availability.

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