Stratasys launches compact dental 3D printer

2015 09 04 11 49 47 466 Stratasys Objet30 Dental Prime Small

Statasys has launched the Object30 Dental Prime compact 3D printer.

The printer is designed to enable smaller dental labs to produce a wide range of dental and orthodontic appliances in-house. It comes with three PolyJet 3D printing materials:

  • VeroDentPlus (MED690), a dark-beige material that is strong and durable for intricate models
  • Clear Bio-compatible (MED610), a material for temporary in-mouth placement
  • VeroGlaze (MED620), an opaque, biocompatible material with A2 shading that is designed for accurate color matching
Objet30 Dental Prime 3D printer

The printer comes in two modes: high quality and high speed. The high-quality mode 3D prints models with intricate features and is ideal for fabricating precise fittings on crowns and bridges. The high-speed mode 3D works for orthodontic models and surgical guides.

"The introduction of the ... Object30 Dental Prime 3D printer continues Stratasys' commitment to providing a variety of solutions to meet the different needs of dental and orthodontic labs, small and large," stated Steffen Mueller, general manager of dental solutions at Stratasys, in a press release.

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