New product: Komet launches enamel stripping system

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Komet USA has launched a new stripping system to help with interproximal enamel reduction before orthodontic treatment.

The DISCstance IPR system. Image courtesy of Komet USA.The DISCstance IPR system. Image courtesy of Komet USA.

The DISCstance IPR system (kit 4671) is designed to simplify and quicken interproximal enamel reduction on adults before receiving treatment with braces or dental aligners. The system can be used for correcting mandibular tooth sizes disproportionate to those of the maxilla, eliminating crowding, and creating full-surface contact.

The system's disks are available in 0.15-, 0.20-, and 0.30-mm sizes and include a diamond coating. The 0.15-mm disk comes in versions with the coating on its upper side, underside, or both sides, while the other two sizes are coated on both sides.

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