3M unveils in-house sterilization monitoring solution

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3M has released the Attest Mini Auto-reader 490M, a 24-minute, in-office sterilization monitoring solution.

Attest Mini Auto-reader 490M. Image courtesy of 3M.Attest Mini Auto-reader 490M. Image courtesy of 3M.

The 3M autoreader comes in a compact size and is specifically designed for use in dental clinics, medical clinics, and surgery centers. The product can help dental teams quickly know when sterilizer cycle parameters have been met, according to the company.

The autoreader works with 3M Attest Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicators 1491 and 1492V. It also features an extra-large, intelligent display and connects to a computer and the Attest Connect Auto-reader Application for seamless documentation and results printing.

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