SprintRay releases 3 new dental 3D printing products

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SprintRay has added an automated washing system, a new version of its Dashboard cloud software, and an ultrahigh-resolution 3D printer to its line of dental 3D printing offerings.

A multistage automated washing system, Pro Wash/Dry utilizes SprintRay's Mechanical Jetting solvent agitation method to wash 3D-printed parts with 500 mL of solvent per chamber, according to the vendor. It also includes two separate solvent reservoirs to provide a rough and fine wash with each cycle. A two-stage wash and dry cycle can be completed in 10 minutes, SprintRay said. Pro Wash/Dry can be preordered now and will begin shipping in early 2021.

SprintRay has added three new dental 3D products to its portfolio. Image courtesy of SprintRay.SprintRay has added three new dental 3D products to its portfolio. Image courtesy of SprintRay.

SprintRay has also rolled out version 2.0 of its Dashboard cloud-based design and monitoring software. With Dashboard 2.0, doctors can upload scan files, choose from treatment options, and then be automatically connected to a design expert. Once the design is approved, the cloud system automatically sends the job to the SprintRay Pro software, where the clinician can print the model. Dashboard 2.0 will be available later this year, SprintRay said.

The last new product, Pro 55, is an ultrahigh-resolution dental 3D printer that features 55-µm XY resolution and pixel toning technology, according to SprintRay. It's suitable for applications such as dental restorative work, hybrid implant dentures, and cast applications.

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