Ormco debuts Damon Ultima braces lines

2021 06 22 21 35 0815 2021 06 22 Ormco Damon Ultima 400

Ormco has unveiled its Damon Ultima system of passive, self-ligation braces.

The system features a round-sided rectangular wire and parallelogram-shaped slot in the bracket. Ormco designed the features to give orthodontists control of rotation, angulation, and torque for faster and more precise finishing, the company said.

The brackets are available in neutral, retrocline, and procline options and are designed for the center point of the slot to line up with the facial access point. In addition, larger size and different material Damon Ultima archwires are available for more torque control, the firm added.

Damon Ultima system. Image courtesy of Ormco.Damon Ultima system. Image courtesy of Ormco.