Burst launches 2 new toothbrushes

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Burst Oral Care has introduced the Pro Sonic and Curve Sonic toothbrushes to consumers.         

The Pro Sonic boasts a new color LED screen, smart responsive software, and a nine-month rechargeable battery life. Also, it offers a sensor that provides feedback for every brushing session via a score graded on how many seconds users remained in the proper pressure zone to help them brush better. It has five modes: whitening, clean, sensitivity, freshen, and massage.

The Curve Sonic toothbrush aims to target back molars and is equipped with tapered bristles, cleansing sonic vibrations, whitening and sensitivity modes, and a two-minute timer. Also, it has a 75-day battery life.

The Pro Sonic MSRP starts at $79.99 and is available at burstoralcare.com, Amazon, and exclusively in store at Walmart. The Curve Sonic MSRP starts at $29.99 and is  available at burstoralcare.com, Amazon, and in store at Walmart and CVS.