Week in Review: Dental 'never events' | 3 strategies to fight caries | Key performance indicators

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Can you identify the "never events" in dentistry -- patient care incidents that safety experts agree should never happen? The concept of these never events is familiar in medicine, but its use in dentistry is more limited. An international team of researchers developed a list of dental never events that goes beyond wrong-tooth extraction. Read more here.

Why do your patients keep coming back to your office with cavitated lesions despite your team's repeated reminders to brush and floss? Dr. Brian Novy discussed three strategies to restore balance to the mouth at the recent California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2018 meeting. Learn more here.

You likely use practice management software, but do you know how to make the most of it? Practice management expert Lee Bentz outlined how dental practices can analyze their success using key performance indicators at the CDA Presents 2018 meeting. Read more here.

While early caries detection is a crucial component of patient care, traditional methods of detection may not be as accurate as necessary. In a presentation at the CDA Presents 2018 meeting, Dr. Ron Kaminer walked a full lecture room through a practical presentation on caries detection methods. Learn more here.

Finally, my dad served in the U.S. Army in Europe well after World War II. While he never made a big deal out of it, I know how much that time meant to him and what serving meant. He was fortunate enough to have dental coverage through his work, but many veterans do not. Let's renew the call for the expansion of oral healthcare coverage for vets and their families.

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