Hygiene Insider: Green tea mouthwash may help patients with gingivitis

Dear Hygiene Insider,

Green tea has positive effects on oral and overall health, but did you know that green tea-based mouthwash may rival chlorhexidine for some patients? A recent systematic review found patients with plaque-induced gingivitis who used a green tea-based mouthwash had plaque and gingival markers that were similar to those of patients who used chlorhexidine. Read more in our Insider Exclusive.

In other Hygiene Community news, the link between periodontitis and diabetes appears stronger in men than in women. New research showed a significant association between type 2 diabetes and moderate-to-severe periodontitis in men but not women. Researchers hypothesized that the difference could be attributed to women's better oral hygiene behaviors. Learn more here.

Our editors attended the recent 2018 California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2018 meeting in Anaheim, CA. In addition to basking in the sunshine and blowing up inflatable dolphins, we learned three ways to restore balance to the mouth when brushing, flossing, and fluoride don't work. Read about products that help remineralize teeth and nurture a healthy microbiome here.

In need of a feel-good story? Don't miss this article on how a rural community united to reduce early childhood caries. Dental professionals from Lawton and Anadarko, OK, partnered with everyone from preschool teachers to pharmacists to share the message about early childhood dental screenings and preventive care. The results? Early childhood caries and untreated decay dropped dramatically within just a few years.

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