Infographic: Hygienist income stays flat

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While the median income of dentists is rising, the median income of hygienists has stayed about the same, according to a new data analysis by personal finance website Finder. The analysis found median pay for hygienists decreased by 0.10% from 2016 to 2017.

Finder's analysis included the median annual earnings for hygienists as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Since many hygienists work part time, annual income is calculated by multiplying the median hourly wage by 2,080 hours, an estimate for a year-round, full-time employee, according to the BLS.

On average, hygienists' median earnings decreased from $53,768 in 2016 to $53,716 in 2017, the Finder analysis found. However, hygienists' pay varied greatly by place of employment, and hygienists employed in dental offices earned a median income of $74,970, a 1.67% increase from 2016.

While median pay for all hygienists stayed about the same, employment opportunities for hygienists rose. Dental offices employed more than 200,000 hygienists in 2017, a 3% increase from 2016, and dental hygienist jobs are expected to continue growing through 2026.

See more data from Finder's analysis in the infographic below.

Hygienists see slight pay decrease
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