Budget hole puts a Wash. dental hygiene program at risk

2017 09 12 21 56 9566 Risk Magnifying Glass 400

Shoreline Community College in Washington may shutter its popular dental hygiene program to cover a $2 million budget shortfall. A dip in student enrollments at the school has led to a decrease in revenue, according to news reports.

Administrators have begun reviewing each of the college's programs to determine which will be cut. Many worry the dental hygiene program will be eliminated because it is the most expensive, and it has been removed from the school's new building designs. The college's current dental hygiene clinic and classrooms are scheduled to be demolished in July 2020, basically leaving the students with no place to learn.

The fate of the program may be known later this month when the college president unveils the school's 2020-2021 budget with proposed cuts.

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