Retired NFL player uses a tube of toothpaste a week

Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, a retired tight end for the Denver Broncos, told listeners on his weekly YouTube show that he brushes between seven and 10 times a day and uses a tube of toothpaste every week, according to a clip shared by the Bleacher Report

On a recent episode of "Nightcap" with former NFL standout Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Sharpe said that he brushes when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep, before work, after the gym, as well after eating and napping. In addition to the brushing and the tube-a-week toothpaste habit, he gets a new toothbrush every two weeks.

Later, Sharpe took to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to explain more about his hygiene habits. The athlete posted that he promised himself that he would fix his teeth if he had the money to do it. He keeps his vigorous oral hygiene routine to ensure he doesn’t mess up his smile. Check out his post below.

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