Diving into a documentary about a dental hygienist's passion to help others

From left to right, Kevin Henry, Jim Tuttle and Amber Lombardi, RDH
From left to right: Kevin Henry, Jim Tuttle, and Amber Lombardi, RDH.

I have to admit, when it comes to documentaries, I watch my fair share of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Personally, I love seeing behind the scenes about something I think I know about, then always seemingly learning something new about the subject throughout the course of the film.

With that in mind, if you think you know everything about mobile dentistry and the impact it can have on lives, there is a new documentary coming out that will add some new perspective to a subject that has been talked about in dentistry for decades.

I recently spoke with Amber Lombardi, a dental hygienist in Maine who operates Mainely Teeth, and Jim Tuttle, a filmmaker with Findhelp Films, about a project called "Filling the Gaps," which is a documentary about Lombardi's passion for helping others, the lengths she has gone to to create a business that's designed to fill the gaps in dental health needs in Maine, and some of the people who have benefited from Lombardi's mission.

Tuttle gave me early access to the film, and I was blown away by Lombardi and what she has done to make her vision of helping others become a reality.

You can learn learn more about the documentary. While the general public can't view the entire film just yet as Tuttle works to get it placed in film festivals throughout the state of Maine and other locations, you can get a sense of why Lombardi cares so much about what she does, as well as what she does every day to help others.

It's a great reminder of why so many in the dental industry are driven by the desire to help others rather than build up their bank accounts.

You can see my discussion with Lombardi and Tuttle below. I thank them for sharing their gifts with the readers of DrBicuspid.

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