At-home ultrasonic cleaning device gets U.S. patent

Integrity Engineering has received a U.S. patent for an ultrasonic consumer device designed to clean and sterilize dental hardware such as retainers, mouthguards, plates, and dentures. The device was co-invented by company principals Valerie Palfy and Don Skomsky.

Citing U.S. Patent No. 7,798,159, "At-Home Integrated Cleaning and Disinfection System and Method for Dental Hardware," Skomsky said in a press release that the patent examination was particularly long and arduous, taking nearly eight years.

The device incorporates concurrent ultraviolet peroxidation and hydraulic ultrasonic vibration technologies to concurrently clean and sterilize dental hardware in as little as five minutes. Having options of being either AC- or battery-powered, the device is transportable and uniquely "green," using very little energy and generating no heat, gases, vapors, or hazardous chemicals, the company noted.

"The device's effectiveness exceeds that of the autoclave, while being completely safe for use by all consumers, including children and the elderly," Palfy said in the release. "It is very compact, about the size of a coffee mug. We also added a small control panel so the consumer can adjust operating times and the frequency of vibration. This way each individual can tailor the device to meet his or her specific needs."

The company intends to spin off a separate firm to fabricate and sell the new product to dental professionals and the general public, Skomsky noted. The product will be produced entirely in the U.S., he added.

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