Sirona introduces plastic ultrasonic tips

Sirona Dental Systems has expanded its range of ultrasonic tips to include a tip covered in plastic for cleaning implants, ceramic or metallic restorations, and deep periodontal pockets.

Siroperio tips allow access to the subgingival region during scaling and are effective in deep periodontal pockets, according to the company.

Curved tips Siroperio PE 5 and Siroperio PE 6 are for use in periodontology. They protect surrounding tissues and are designed for root cleaning in deep periodontal pockets in molar and posterior tooth regions, the company noted.

The Siroperio PE 7 can be used for rinsing and root cleaning. The Siroperio PE 8 has similar uses and can be used in tandem with the ultrasonic unit PerioScan, also for detection in deep periodontal pockets. Both tips have a laser-etched WHO scale so users can gauge what depth they are working at during therapy.

The plastic-covered Sirioimplant IP 1 is for cleaning implants and metallic or ceramic restorations, and helps manage biofilm. Additionally, the point can be sterilized and used several times.

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