Axim launches hemp-based oral care division

Axim Biotechnologies, which conducts cannabinoid research and develops commercial hemp products, has launched a hemp-based oral care division.

The company has filed a provisional patent relating to the unique formulation of its cannabinoid-containing oral care products. These formulations will target the daily use market and also remedies for oral care infections and gum diseases. It will pioneer new patent-pending formulations for toothpastes, dentifrices, and oral rinse liquids, Axim said.

Certain cannabinoids act as effective anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiproliferative, and regenerating agents, and the oral cavity, which is being continuously traumatized by chewing, speaking, and being populated with numerous infectious organisms, is in need of oral health products, according to CEO George Anastassov, MD, DDS.

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