Colgate, HDA launch oral health campaign

Colgate-Palmolive, in partnership with the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), has scheduled free dental screenings in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, and New York throughout June as part of its annual Oral Health Month campaign.

"Our partnership with Colgate has given us the opportunity to address the various problems and adversities that contribute to poor oral health among the Latino population," stated Vidal Balderas, DDS, HDA president, in a press release. "Since the inception of Colgate's Oral Health Month campaign, we have been able to screen ... thousands of children and inform parents of oral care best practices."

Because of language barriers and the lack of awareness about proper dental hygiene, a large percentage of U.S. Latinos tend to have poor dental health and difficulty in accessing oral health education, Colgate noted. It is hoped that more than 11,000 children will be screened during June. Colgate will also distribute bilingual dental health information at retailers and online.

Information about events is available on the Colgate website (in Spanish).

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