Was it wrong to shame a man on social media for flossing in public?

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The headline on the article was enough to draw me in. After all, when you read, "Passenger disgusts with personal activity at airport in shocking video," you have to be a little curious about what's going on there, right?

But don't worry, this article was actually safe for work. That disgusting personal activity? The man was flossing his teeth while waiting to board his flight at an airport in the U.K.

You can check out the article here and how it was portrayed the first time I read it. The actual flossing was captured on Instagram by an account called "travelcreeps." The comments on the post are quite interesting, including the comment made by the person filming it.

Check it out below.

PRO TIP: Slide your hand along the handrail first for an extra spicy airport flossing experience. 📸 @dukewalker6 . . . . #passengershaming #flossing #floss #dentist #dentistry #flossdaily #photooftheday #health #healthylifestyle #inspiration #motivation #cool #luxury #blogger #hot #work #swag

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Now here is the big question: Was it truly wrong for this man to floss in public? Is it wrong for any of us to floss in public? After all, we are asked by our hygienist to always floss when we are away from the dental practice. So is it OK to do it in public, or is this something that should only be reserved for the sanctity of the bathroom?

I have asked some of my friends this question and received mixed answers. Some have said it's perfectly fine, while one told me that flossing in public is equivalent to taking your shoes off on an airplane.

Personally, I applaud this man's dedication to his oral health and think it's fine to floss in public. What about you? Let me know your comments below.

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