Millennium Dental offers free gum disease laser treatment

Dental Laser

Laser-assisted regeneration technology company Millennium Dental Technologies has pledged to provide free laser treatments to about 100 patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease in recognition of Gum Disease Awareness Month.

The pledge is being offered in collaboration with the nonprofit Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. Millennium’s LANAP laser treatment scholarships are valued at approximately $1 million and will be awarded to those who have limited access to healthcare services.

The LANAP protocol uses the PerioLase MVP-7 laser that aims to save natural teeth by selectively removing bacteria and diseased tissue while preserving healthy tissue and regenerating alveolar bone. The treatment requires no incision or sutures.

Each scholarship includes an initial screening, x-rays, LANAP treatment, and four postoperative cleaning visits for up to one year. Scholarship winners must live in Southern California. To apply, visit Millennium’s website.


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