Tuttnauer unveils pre, postvacuum autoclave

2010 04 01 15 25 10 660 Tuttnauer Elara 11

Sterilization and infection control device manufacturer Tuttnauer has introduced the Elara 11 pre- and postvacuum autoclave, the company announced.

2010 04 01 15 25 10 660 Tuttnauer Elara 11
The Elara 11 autoclave. Image courtesy of Tuttnauer.

A vacuum class B autoclave, Elara 11 is designed for sterilizing medical and dental surgical goods, including wrapped, unwrapped, solid, hollow, and porous products, and hollow loads such as dental handpieces and suction pipes. It features a 7.5-gallon chamber, five stainless steel trays that can also hold cassettes, an automatic double-locking door, a digital readout, and a touch pad. Steam is continuously provided by an independent steam generator, eliminating wait time between cycles.

The Elara 11 is the largest tabletop class B autoclave but fits in standard 24-inch shelves, according to Tuttnauer.

The design provides the options of an easily accessible front or top water fill with sight glass indicator.

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