Washable, wireless mouse aids infection control

Econo-Keys, a manufacturer of medical keyboards and mice, recently introduced the EKW-M, a waterproof, wireless mouse designed for medical and dental offices and clinics.

Studies show that commonly shared hospital and clinic keyboards and mice in particular are infectious hazard points that are difficult to disinfect, according to Econo-Keys. Bacteria can grow and live on keyboards for up to 24 hours, making it easy for them to spread harmful bacterial infections, the company said.

By adding RF-wireless technology to Econo-Keys' infection-control products, the EKW-M can be easily disinfected with any hospital-grade cleaning agent. Because it eliminates the clutter of cables, the EKW-M may also be submersed in the sink for quick and effective cleaning.

"For many of our customers, being tied to the workstation is not practical," Kacee Pals, Econo-Keys sales manager, said in a press release. "The EKW-M allows the user to control the computer from anywhere in the office. And because there are no cables, it is an ideal solution for mobile carts and wall-mounted stations."

The EKW-M operates on two AAA batteries and USB dongle (included). The plug-and-play device requires no additional software or drivers and sells for $65 retail.

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