Top 6 stories of summer 2014

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Now that it's fall, takes a look back at the most-read stories from summer, as measured by page views.

Reflecting the diversity of interests of readers, our most-read stories for the summer include the latest in the on-going debate between film and digital radiography, the insightful series authored by Dr. Michael W. Davis on scams played on dentists, a video interview with an infection-control expert, and relevant business news.

  1. Is film still the dental radiography gold standard?
    September 17 -- With the steady progression of technology, the digital versus film debate in dental radiography seems all but settled with digital as the victor as it is increasingly adopted. But researchers in Saudi Arabia who conducted a new study seem to say, "Not so fast."
  2. Danaher to buy Nobel Biocare for $2.1B
    September 15 -- Danaher has entered into a definitive transaction agreement to acquire dental implant maker Nobel Biocare Holding for approximately 2.0 billion Swiss francs ($2.14 billion U.S.).
  3. Scams played on dentists, Part 2 -- Consultants and practice brokers
    August 6 -- Who doesn't receive via email, fax, telephone, or mail a solicitation from a dental practice consultant on a weekly basis? As a young doctor, Dr. Michael W. Davis saw many that would promise the "Million Dollar Practice." Today, those figures have grown to the $8 million, $10 million, or $12 million practice. The promises are ridiculously laughable. As the man once said, "If it seems too good to be true, it is."
  4. Scams played on dentists, Part 1
    July 30 -- Dentists are played as marks for scams for several reasons. First, we are targeted because our earning potential is much higher than the general population. Traditionally, dentists have often operated in an isolationist bubble and often confer with colleagues on nonclinical matters only in unusual situations. The demanding focuses of the technical aspects of our profession often preclude us from closer examination of what may be obvious to others. We have blind spots. We are vulnerable.
  5. Kaiser survey shows increase in dental coverage
    September 12 -- The number of small and large firms offering dental benefits as part of their health insurance benefits has increased significantly since 2000, according to the new 2014 Employer Health Benefits annual survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust.
  6. Infection-control expert details practical steps to help your practice
    September 15 -- In an exclusive video interview with, infection-control expert Eve Cuny, MS, spoke of the current and long-term issues facing dental practices when it comes to infection control.
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