Thousands of U.K. patients tested due to infection-control scandal

Thousands of dental patients in the U.K. are being tested for HIV and other blood-borne viruses because of poor infection-control procedures by a Nottingham dentist, according to National Health Service (NHS) England.

Some 22,000 patients may have been put at risk over a period of 32 years because of poor hygiene practices by dentist Dr. Desmond D'Mello, according to an Agence France-Presse story.

In June, a whistleblower secretly filmed Dr. D'Mello at work at the Daybrook Dental Practice. He was subsequently suspended. Health authorities said they were investigating "apparent breaches of infection-control procedures" by Dr. D'Mello, including failing to wash his hands and change gloves between patients.

Screenings for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C are being urged for all patients treated by Dr. D'Mello. Officials did say his patients were put at "low risk" due to "apparent multiple failures in cross-infection control standards."

Dr. D'Mello is also being investigated following the death of his patient, Amy Duffield, who died in August 2013 shortly after being treated by him, according to a story.

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