Do's and don'ts for welcoming patients

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Now more than ever, people need to feel good. And what could make your patients feel better than a warm welcome when they enter the office? Infection control protocols can make it harder to show how you feel, but if you go the extra mile, you can make your patients' day.


Make eye contact with your patients. Eye contact is a critically important skill when dealing with patients. When you look at them, they know you're focused on them. When you don't, they assume you're not. If you want to display five-star customer service, you must make eye contact with the patient throughout every interaction.


Don't forget to smile. Smiling shows patients you're happy and, more important, that you're happy to see them. You may think they can't tell you're smiling, but when we smile it shows in our eyes, eyebrows, and even our voice. You're literally in the business of giving people a great smile. Don't forget to show them yours.

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