HumanaDental offers oral cancer screening to patients over 40

Here's a way to convince high-risk patients to take an oral cancer screening test. Tell them it's free. HumanaDental Insurance has announced that it will now provide oral-cancer screening to HumanaDental members -- over the age of 40 -- enrolled in the company’s fully insured dental plans.

Starting April 1, the insurance company will cover an annual ViziLite Plus exam. Vizilite uses a chemiluminescent light to identify oral lesions and a toluidine blue-based metachromatic dye to mark them.

"After the patient rinses with a special solution, the dentist examines the mouth with a disposable light stick," explains a HumanaDental press release. "Under the light, abnormal tissue appears bright white."

"One person dies of oral cancer every hour in the United States," said Mark Matzke, chief operating officer of HumanaDental in a press release. "Because early detection is the key to fighting this disease, we’re pleased to offer this coverage as part of our commitment to promoting oral health, which is directly linked to overall health."

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