A new approach to oral cancer; does xylitol gum really work?

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A black raspberry infused mouthwash and an adhesive patch that delivers fenretinide to precancerous oral lesions could deliver a powerful one-two punch in oral cancer therapy, according to a team of Ohio State University researchers. How close is this approach to clinical reality? Read more in this latest Oral Cancer & Diagnostics Community feature.

Meanwhile, in news out of the Restoratives Community, most dental professionals believe xylitol chewing gum prevents caries in children and adolescents. But according to a new literature review, it's not clear whether it works better than other forms of sugarless gum.

Over in the Cosmetics Community, a cosmetic physician has invented a disposable attachment for syringes that delivers a topical refrigerant to the skin just prior to needle insertion to minimize localized pain from Botox injections, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic injectables. Read more.

And in his ongoing Beyond Practice Management series, Dr. Don Deems notes that there are many ways to determine the financial success -- or failure -- of a dental practice. Click here to read his "super strategies" for ensuring success.

Finally, don't forget to check out our Special Report on Advances in Periodontal Research, a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of oral bacteria, the causes of periodontal disease, and what lies ahead in the commercial development of salivary diagnostics.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago this week at the Midwinter Meeting!

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