LED Dental joins Oral Cancer Foundation's campaign

LED Dental has joined the Oral Cancer Foundation's (OCF) Be Part of the Change program, a campaign that seeks to promote the importance of routine comprehensive oral screenings and early detection of oral cancer.

The campaign seeks to create a movement toward improved oral screening protocols and earlier detection of oral disease.

LED Dental is providing a free VELscope Vx system to dental and specialty practices that make a commitment to perform a minimum of three oral screenings per day for three years. Practices will pay only for the consumable asepsis barriers to prevent cross-contamination during screenings.

Used in conjunction with traditional white-light exams, the VELscope can aid in the location of oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer and precancer, among other oral health concerns, according to LED Dental.

"The best defense any patient has against oral disease and oral cancer is early detection, which is where dental practitioners can effect change," stated Brian Hill, founder and executive director of the Oral Cancer Foundation, in a press release. "Our goal is to get healthcare professionals to commit to performing routine comprehensive oral examinations on every patient, especially during hygiene visits and recall appointments."

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