Podcast: What one Colo. man wants everyone to know about HPV

2018 01 18 23 26 2866 Hpv 400

I first met Jay Middleton through a television screen. We live about an hour apart, but it was technology that introduced me to him one night as Middleton told a local television station about his recent diagnosis of cancer resulting from HPV.

As I watched the interview, I could tell immediately that Middleton was going to put every ounce of strength he had into not only beating HPV but also raising the money to do it. An avid biker here in Colorado, Middleton has started a fundraising effort through his own program, Bikes Kill Cancer. His goal is to raise money for HPV research, but his personal mission is also to educate people about HPV and ensure that it's a subject that is discussed rather than shied away from.

In the most recent Dental Assistant Nation podcast, which you can hear below, I talk to Middleton about his diagnosis and his newfound passion for HPV education and vaccination. We also talk about the role his dental practice played in his diagnosis and how Middleton's journey is changing the way the practice is screening for oral cancer.

You can also learn more from Middleton about his journey via his blog.

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