New website explains occurrence malpractice coverage

Medical Protective, a dental malpractice insurance provider, recently launched a website dedicated to explaining the distinctions between claims-made and occurrence malpractice insurance policies.

Between 1899 and the early 1970s, occurrence coverage was the industry standard for healthcare malpractice, the company noted in a press release. When malpractice claims spiked in the 1970s, many insurance carriers stopped or reduced offering occurrence coverage and instead offered claims-made policies, a coverage type that is often considered more favorable to insurance companies.

Utilizing animated video, an interactive quiz, and easy-to-understand language and visuals, this new website is a resource for dentists to learn the three main benefits of occurrence coverage and become equipped to make an informed decision about protecting their reputation and assets.

Medical Protective has been providing dental malpractice insurance for more than a century.

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