Why now is the perfect time to look at your malpractice insurance

2019 10 23 22 18 7991 Rice David 400

If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it's that we should never take anything for granted and we should always expect the unexpected.

Your thoughts before reading this article might have had nothing to do with the state of your malpractice insurance. But I'm here to be that little reminder that this part of your personal and professional life should never be too far out of your mind.

With this article, I'm launching a series here on DrBicuspid.com about dentists who thought they were doing everything right (and were, in some cases) but were still hit with a malpractice claim. We're going to talk about what lessons can be learned from these cases and how preparation was so important for each dentist.

I want to kick off the series with some thoughts on what young dentists should know about malpractice insurance, and what their more "seasoned" peers should know as well. Click below to listen to my thoughts on the subject.

If you have questions or want to ask me more about this important subject, feel free to drop me a line at david.rice@ignitedds.com.

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