Podcast: Busting myths and talking truth about dental malpractice mistakes

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The specter of a malpractice lawsuit always looms over every dental practice. It is up to the dentist and every dental team to ensure the safety of their patients as well as the viability of the business should something go wrong.

During the recent Rocky Mountain Dental Convention (RMDC) meeting in Denver, dental practice management expert Dayna Johnson sat down with Dr. Mitchell Gardiner and attorney Ryan Donihue. During the RMDC gathering, Dr. Gardiner and Donihue delivered a presentation titled "A Simulated Dental Malpractice Trial: As Real as It Gets Without Being in Court," giving in-person attendees the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes before and during a malpractice trial.

With that in mind, Johnson interviewed the duo on the importance of documentation in dental malpractice cases. Dr. Gardiner and Donihue emphasized the significance of dental records in supporting the standard of care and defending yourself against malpractice claims. They also discussed the impact of electronic communication on documentation and the role of dental hygienists in thorough note-taking.

The conversation highlighted the importance of comprehensive and accurate medical histories and the need for regular updates. The speakers also stressed the significance of informed consent discussions and documenting these discussions in protecting dentists from negligence claims.

Lasting just over 27 minutes, this is a fascinating discussion that could make a difference in the day-to-day activities inside your dental practice. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here or hitting the Play button below.

Podcast chapters

 0:00    Introduction and background
 1:03    Introduction of special guests
 3:02    Importance of dental records in malpractice cases
 4:00    The role of documentation in malpractice defense
 5:22    The impact of electronic communication on documentation
 6:21    The difficulty of answering questions without documentation
 7:45    The importance of thorough and accurate medical histories
 9:13    The role of dental hygienists in documentation
10:35    The significance of medical histories in dental malpractice cases
12:28    The importance of reviewing medical histories at every visit
14:49    The frequency of updating medical histories
17:22    The role of technology in medical history documentation
19:27    The importance of reviewing online health history forms
21:22    The significance of informed consent discussions
22:49    Determining the need for informed consent for different procedures
24:40    The documentation of informed consent discussions
26:29    Conclusion and final thoughts

Note: You can connect with Dr. Gardiner directly on LinkedIn

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