Dos and don'ts for financing flexibility

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Help patients find a way to pay

Affordability has become a barrier to case acceptance for many people. An excellent way to help your patients overcome this barrier and accept treatment is to offer a range of options for financing their dental bills.

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Offer four financial options. It is essential for your practice to have four different ways to pay for services -- and to spell them out during case presentations. The four options are listed below:

  1. Payment in full upfront with cash or check, earning a 5% discount
  2. Major credit card
  3. Half payment upfront, half before completion
  4. Outside patient financing

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Target only certain patients. Rather than performing a "wallet biopsy" to determine which patients might be interested in hearing about the four financial options, offer them all to everyone. You will never know enough about patients' personal financial situations to judge what they want or need.

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