Do’s and don’ts for team longevity

Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Dr. Roger P. Levin.

We are still facing the tail end of the “great resignation,” when people are resigning from their jobs in all industries even if they don’t have new jobs or positions set up. This change requires a shift in the way we do business and treat our teams. In general, dentists are genuinely nice to their staff, but today’s employees now want something different. It is in the best interests of the doctor, office manager, and team for everyone to change a set of behaviors.

Practice Success Do

Inspire your team. How can you help each team member and the overall team become inspired to grow, learn, develop, evolve, and do a great job? This can come through consistent compliments, recognition for doing a great job, and rewards ranging from small gift certificates to bonuses. These actions are essential when it comes to inspiring people and keeping your team for life. It also creates a feel-good environment in the practice every day. 

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Don’t micromanage. Micromanagement today is a killer for dental teams. Instead of micromanaging, identify what training is needed for the team so that you can cultivate independence. It’s my belief that dentists need to stop managing and start measuring. This simply means that you should train team members, allow them to work independently, and measure their capabilities by the expected outcomes.

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