Dentistry's future ǀ New technology for 3rd molars ǀ Game-changing biomaterial

Kevin Henry.
Kevin Henry.

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Welcome to December! I’ve just returned from the Greater New York Dental Meeting, and it was a good time to catch up with friends and colleagues in the Big Apple while also looking ahead to what 2024 will hold for the dental industry. If you’re following DrBicuspid on Instagram, you saw some of my views from New York. If not, I encourage you to follow us. 

During the final month of the year, you will see plenty of articles and hear plenty of podcasts on this site about what is to come in dentistry. We kicked the process off earlier this week when I took a peek into what could be a very common procedure for some dentists when it comes to third molars in 2024. What do you think about this technology? Check out the article and let us know. 

There is also a new biohybrid composite that is expected to be available in the future that could be a game-changer. Read about it here

Speaking of the future, are the wages made by dentists getting ready to shrink? One projection for the next decade certainly caught the attention of our readers this week. 

While my team and I have a collective eye on what is to come, there is plenty to keep track of at the moment as well. That includes a football fan at my alma mater (the University of Oklahoma) who is being gifted a smile makeover after he went viral for the wrong reasons. This story made me smile, however, for all the right reasons, as dentistry continues to change lives for the right reasons. 

Finally, did you know your saliva can show just how vigorously you exercise … and can serve as a warning sign as well? This article was an eye-opener for me. 

As always, thanks for reading I’m excited about the future and some of the stories and podcasts we have lined up to share with you very soon.

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief

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